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Thursday, November 5, 2015
LPD is on scene at a home on Morton Street collecting evidence from a shooting incident that happened this afternoon. (ENP STAFF PHOTOS)


The rear of this Chevy Trail Blazer was shot during the 
incident. The rear windshield was also damaged.
Lockport police reportedly have "several" people in custody after a daytime shooting incident on the city's east end.

LPD, State Police, and the Niagara County Sheriff's office currently have a presence or have been on Juniper, Morton, Harrison, Utica, Walnut and Elmira streets. An area of Walnut Street and a section of Morton Street are taped off.

Police say they're still piecing together the incident that involved several people two cars and gunshots. At least one person involved appears to have fled east from Morton Street through several back yards between Morton and Harrison and then ran up Utica Street, according to a witness at the scene.

We will bring you more details when we can.

UPDATE: Police find pot growing operation as a result of shooting incident

MORE PHOTOS: Check out the photo album from the scene.

NOTE: Story updated at 2:18 p.m. with additional details and again at 2:50 to include photos.

East Niagara Post is the official media sponsor of Hockey Day in Lockport.


  1. What really is going on in lockport now a days

  2. Was definitely 5 gunshots....heard them as clear as a bell

  3. Cops are to busy standing around talking at court house and to busy on there cell phone while cats are parked

  4. Lkpt court system is corrupt starting with judges. One was arrested and convicted for stealing from clients and after released from jail worked for the city getting paid he should of been work at fast food place def not for the city. Oh wait he might tell on the rest of them so keep him happy


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