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June, 2015:

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SOMERSET — A two-car collision at Lake and Hartland roads claimed the life of a 79-year-old man Tuesday morning.

According to the Niagara County Sheriff's Office, Francis Landers, a passenger in a full-size Ford van, was killed after the vehicle was struck on the passenger side door.

The van was driven by a 38-year-old home care aid that reportedly stopped for a stop sign while heading southbound on Hartland Road, and then entered traffic failing to yield the right of way to a Jeep SUV heading eastbound on Lake Road. The Jeep was occupied by a 66-year-old female operator alone in her vehicle.

The driver of the Ford van was transported to ECMC, while the driver of Jeep to Eastern Niagara Hospital. Both were taken via ambulance and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Coroner Ken Lederhouse pronounced Landers deceased at the scene. The accident remains under investigation.

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The National Weather Service calls for a chance of showers today with thunderstorms also possible after noon and a high near 73. Tonight, there's a slight chance of showers before midnight with a low around 56.

Thursday will be mostly sunny with a high near 73 and a low around 53. Friday: Sunny with a high near 78 and a low around 59. Independence Day will be mostly sunny, with a high near 79 and a low around 60.

Sunday looks to be mostly sunny with a high near 81 and a low around 62. Monday will be mostly sunny with a high near 83 and a low around 66. Tuesday: Scattered showers and thunderstorms with a high near 85.

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Today's slate of sesquicentennial activities includes storytime, crafts, ice skating, a water balloon fight, a free concert ... and boot camp? Yes, boot camp. The YMCA Fitness in the Parks program continues with boot camp at the Nelsoc C. Goehle (Widewaters) Marina at 6 p.m.

City officials will answer two challenges today, playing lawn games with the staff at the Union-Sun & Journal at 1 p.m., then kickball against Team ENP at 7 p.m. at Outwater Park. In between the two, they'll hold a meeting.

A water balloon fight is expected to break out at Altro Park at 3 p.m. (for kids) and then again at 3:30 p.m. (for adults).

The full lineup includes:

10 a.m. - 10:40 a.m. Patriotic Storytime & Craft
11 a.m. - 5 p.m. BLING!'s 1st Birthday Bash
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Cornerstone CFCU Arena $1.50 Public Skate
1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Union-Sun & Journal Lawn Game Challenge
3 p.m. - 4 p.m. Water balloon fight
6 p.m. - 7 p.m. Y Splash Week
6 p.m. - 7 p.m. Independent Health YMCA Fitness in the Parks: Boot Camp
6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Lockport Community Band
7 p.m. - 7 p.m. Kickball: East Niagara Post vs. City Hall

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It is easy to see why people can get confused about what is right and what is wrong if all they do is utilize social media for their opinions. With all of the issues currently running concurrently in our country and around the world, it is easy to see why so many people are having a hard time finding a place to fit in when it comes to being a part of society.

Corporate greed is often cited as an issue that oppresses a lot of people and that greed has caused reactions such as the latest movement to increase the minimum wage. But it appears to me that not only are corporations greedy, but they are also ignorant and irresponsible as well. What do I mean? I mean that, if you spend enough time online, it becomes extremely clear that corporations are following the numbers and not actually paying attention to where their marketing messages are being displayed. These are companies that spend millions of dollars on expanding their brand name and image, yet they are doing nothing to monitor where that image is being projected and who that image is being associated with.

I was clicking around social media when a story about a very racist and dangerous speech caught my attention. I clicked on the link to go to the story and before I could read the story, I was presented with a full-page Home Depot ad that I had to close to read the story. Does Home Depot know that their company is being associated with people who offer racist hate speech to the public?

The issue is that corporations tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to their pursuit of profits. All of those ads you see surrounding the stories on CNN.com or popping up when you click on a social media link are selected based on your personal preferences. But there is nothing in place that offers the advertiser the opportunity to not be associated with certain types of content. This is greed at its very worst because, to me, it looks like Home Depot is willing to be associated with racist hate speech just to try and sell me a gallon of paint. It seems harmless, but it can actually have a very negative effect on any corporation that does not monitor its marketing.

Another good example are those pop-up ads you get when you click on certain sites and the pop-up viruses you can get that keep on throwing ads up on your computer screen. I have not had a pop-up virus in a long time, but I clearly remember that the last time I had one I had to close a lot of ads from Coca-Cola. Does Coca-Cola condone computer viruses? I am not sure, but they are supporting them by paying for space on these ads. The same can be said for the companies that pay to have spam emails sent to my inbox. Am I going to buy a single product from a spam email or a pop-up ad? No, I will not. But I can tell you that I think twice now about buying Coke products, simply because of the feeling that Coca-Cola approves of loading viruses onto my computer.

I know that this discussion is not even close to being the normal type of topics that I discuss here, but I have been making this observation for years and I have decided that it is time to put it down on “paper.” The blind pursuit of profit in corporate America has created a situation where ads are acceptable no matter what kind of content those ads are associated with. The corporations do not care what kind of content their advertising is being associated with, just so long as that advertising is being seen by enough potential customers.

This, to me, is another example of how American self-consciousness is being eroded away. Many of the jurors associated with the Rodney King case said that watching the video of King getting beaten by L.A. police officers over and over again eventually desensitized them to the violence of the actual act. Is that bad? Yes, because now those people will never be able to see the horror in a beating like that and their perception of violence has been altered. The same thing is true with every person in this country who sees violent images and videos on news websites every day. We are becoming more and more desensitized to oppression and violence and that is only getting worse with each generation.

Should Home Depot be terrified that their advertising is being used to fund an article about racist hate speech? Yes, it should. But it isn’t because people simply do not care anymore. Advertising on the Internet has become so prevalent, that people no longer associate the companies that fund these articles with the content itself.

The end result is a society that will continue to allow articles about elderly abuse in long-term care facilities to be funded by advertising from funeral homes. It is much more than just ironic, it is an indication of how far we have fallen and how much we will now allow to be part of the “American way of life.” All is forgiven as long as profit is involved and that is just one more reason why American society is headed downhill rapidly.

+George N Root III is a Lockport resident and the kind of guy who pays attention to online advertising. Follow him on Twitter @georgenroot3 or send him an email at georgenroot3@gmail.com.

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Rob Ortt
NIAGARA FALLS AIR RESERVE STATION — The Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station will receive $500,000 in state funding to establish an emergency management hub, State Sen. Rob Ortt announced Tuesday.

The funds were put into the 2015-16 State Budget (Empire State Development Corporation, Aid to Localities, S. 2003-C) to help base retention efforts for NFARS.

“As elected officials, we need coordinated efforts at the local, state, and federal level to ensure NFARS remains a vital center of military, commercial, and emergency services for our region,” said Ortt. “By focusing on the emergency management component, we’re strengthening not only the base, but community safety as well. These public-private partnerships – with collaboration at the local, county, state, and federal level – is key to the base’s future.

The funds are designed to enhance the base’s strategic value within the Department of Defense and its economic importance to Western New York. Officials hope to expand operations for crews – including local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, volunteer firefighters, and Mercy Flight WNY – to utilize the base’s hangers for emergency services purposes.

As Niagara County’s largest employer, the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station is an economic driver for the region bringing in nearly $150 million annually. It accounts for more than 3,000 full-time and part-time personnel with an estimated annual payroll of $88 million. NFARS sits adjacent to an international border and is within the proximity of a population of 140 million. It has played a critical role in military missions abroad as well as disaster response here at home.

NIMAC member Jeff Glatz said, “This is the result of a cooperative effort with Senator Ortt to not only preserve the base in its current capacity, but to grow the NFARS into a joint use facility between military and civilian entities.”

Mercy Flight Representative President Doug Baker said, “Utilizing the pre-existing assets of the Niagara Falls air base will help expand our emergency services presence in Orleans and Niagara County. We’re thankful to have a partner in Senator Ortt to help residents obtain more efficient access to life-saving services.”

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