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May, 2015:

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Sunday, May 24, 2015
Teri L. Walbesser, 34, 113 Trowbridge St., was charged around 4:05 a.m. with DWI. According to the LPD arrest report, Walbesser was stopped on Hawley Street and determined to be intoxicated. She is due in City Court on Wednesday.

Toni Jean Hilbig, 33, 22 Walnut St., was charged around 1:25 a.m. with second-degree criminal impersonation, second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, an equipment violation and failure to change address. According to the LPD arrest report, Hilbig was stopped for a traffic infraction and gave patrol a false name. She was determined to be driving without a valid license. She is due in City Court on Wednesday.

Anthony W. Crenshaw, 49, 503 Park Ave., Apt. 5, was charged around 12 a.m. with third-degree possession of a weapon. According to the police report, Crenshaw was in a vehicle that was stopped for a traffic infraction and found to be in possession of an electric stun gun. He is due in City Court on Wednesday.

Brianna E. Swaggard, 24, 6138 Ruhlman Road, Apt. 2, was charged around 7:48 p.m. Saturday with petit larceny. According to the LPD report, Swaggard took several items she knew from a male acquaintance, including a laptop, cash, car keys, hydrocodone pills and a cell phone charger. She is slated for City Court on Wednesday.

Jason D. Lickers, 28, 30 Oliver St., Apt. 1, was charged around 3:35 a.m. Saturday with DWI, an equipment violation and obstructing and intersection. According to the LPD report, Lickers was stopped at South Transit and West Genesee streets after patrol saw him sitting through a set of green and red lights. When patrol interviewed him, they determined him to be intoxicated. He is due in City Court on Wednesday.

Adam M. Kantor, 30, 1233 Maplewood Dr., Apt. 4, was charged around 9:50 p.m. Friday with two counts of fifth-degree possession of marijuana and an equipment violation. According to the arrest report, Kantor was stopped on South Transit Street for driving without headlights and was found to have marijuana on him. He is due in City Court on Wednesday.

Nicholas A. Doxey, 29, 7026 Northview Dr., Left Apt., was charged around 1 p.m. Friday with second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and speeding in a school zone. He was released on $200 bail and is due in City Court on Wednesday.

Leonard E. Elder III, 24, 251 Hawley St., was charged around 2:02 p.m. Thursday with fourth-degree criminal mischief and leaving the scene of an accident. According to the LPD report, Elder struck a yellow protective steel barrier at a Sunoco gas station, then fled while the gas station attendant was attempting to get his information. He was found through surveillance video footage and charged. He is due in City Court on Wednesday.

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Lockport police charged a 20-year-old Lockport man with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and second-degree obstruction of government administration following a Friday night incident in the Impact Zone.

According to the LPD arrest report, at approximately 11:08 p.m., patrol responded to the area of Washburn and South streets for the report of a fight with a group of males surrounding one individual. While en route, patrol was informed that a gunshot was reported.

When patrol arrived two males were fleeing the area. Patrol drove down the street, advising the men to stop. One did, the other ― Charlie K. Horton-Fisher of 184 East Ave., Upper Apt. — swore at patrol saying he didn’t do anything.

Eventually, Horton-Fisher complied, although he continued to use vulgar language with police. He was transpored to LPD for booking and is due in City Court on Wednesday.

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The National Weather Service calls for mostly sunny today with a high near 80 and an overnight low around 60.

Memorial Day brings a chance of showers with a high near 81 and a low around 66. Tuesday also offers a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high near 83 and a low around 65. Wednesday, more showers and thunderstorms are possible with a high near 79 and a low around 62.

Thursday, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high near 78 and a low around 60. Friday, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high near 80 and a low around 62. Saturday brings possible showers and thunderstorms with a high near 75.

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We went on a trip recently – about 28 miles and 200-plus years.

There was no De Lorean involved, no flux capacitor. Just a family and a car and a little bit of Western New York history.

It started with a different sort of time travel, via a book: A 1965 Hardy Boys adventure titled “The Haunted Fort.” Well-worn and much read, it was my husband’s favorite when he was slightly older than Sam, and when we turned to his old Hardy Boys books for bedtime parent-and-child reading, it was one of the first we picked up.

Every night, we’d read a chapter (or three) of the adventures of Frank and Joe, which more or less stood the test of time with the occasional explanation of archaic language (or the concept of no cell phones). In this case, the brothers were investigating a case of stolen paintings against the backdrop of a New England artists’ retreat … and an old fort with a ghostly legend and a hidden treasure.

Not long in, I told him, “You know, we have a fort a lot like Fort Senandaga not far from here.”

His eyes were huge. “Really? Is it … haunted?”

“Well … some people say it is.” I waited a beat, then clarified. “There are many stories. But I don’t think so. Would you like to visit it?”


So, a few days after we finished the book, the Keppeler family found itself in the family car, heading for Youngstown and Old Fort Niagara. Jim was just happy to be out and about, but Sam was bouncing in the back seat.

“Is that the fort?” he asked again and again as we got closer, peering at the buildings in downtown Youngstown, or the entrance to the state park. Finally, we made it to the parking lot and I was able to point to the top of the South Redoubt and say, “Over there. There it is.”

“Woooowwww …”

We paid our way, took a brief spin through the museum and, finally, walked into the fort.

The questions came fast and furious. We peeked into the Powder Magazine, looked out from the river defenses and talked about what it would be like to cook in the Bake House. The “French Castle” fascinated him. (I had to tell him the story of the well I remembered from an elementary school field trip. He was very skeptical.)

We climbed the stairs and stood at the top of North Redoubt, looking across the grounds and the lake. He stood on his tiptoes to peer out, leaning his chin on the cool stones.

“This is pretty cool, Mom.”

When you’re 6 years old, the concept of a time before you were born can be abstract, let alone the idea of a time before your parents or grandparents walked this Earth. But standing there, touching the old stones and looking out across the water … I think he got it. I like to think we bridged that gap a bit, that we made history a little more real that day. While we only scratched the surface of the fort’s story, a foundation has been laid.

Of such things – books and stories and a springtime day trip – is a link to the past forged.


If your kids love superheroes as much as mine do (Jim’s favorite is Spider-Man, while Sam waffles back and forth between Captain American and an unfortunate fondness for the utterly inappropriate Deadpool), you might want to check out Superhero Night at the Buffalo Bisons game on Saturday at Coca-Cola Field.

The WNY Superhero Alliance will provide costumed characters to meet and greet while the home team takes on the Rochester Red Wings, and the proceeds will benefit the Superhero Race & Wellness Walk (which in turn benefits Compeer of Greater Buffalo and the Mental Health Association of Erie County this year).

Superheroes and a good cause? Excelsior!

Jill Keppeler used to cover Old Fort Niagara events many weekends during the summer, and still loves it there. Follow her on Twitter @JillKeppeler or email her at jillmkeppeler@msn.com.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

MIDDLEPORT — Memorial Day events on Monday start with the parade at noon sponsored by the Clute Phillips American Legion Post #938 and Ladies Auxiliary Post.

Following the parade, there will be a memorial service held by the American Legion. After that, a second Memorial Day service will be held by the Middleport Vol. Fire. Co.

The day will conclude with the Canal Duck Race sponsored by the Rotary Club and BSA Troop 23. Ducks are still available for purchase on Monday at a cost of $2 each or $10 for a "six-quack." The first duck to cross the line, earns $225 for its owner.

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