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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Town of Lockport businessman Dave Mongielo has withdrawn his candidacy for the Niagara County Legislature 12th District Race.

Mongielo, who lost the Conservative Party primary to Republican William J. Collins, had maintained his own line in the general election under the "Had Enough Yet" party. He will remain on the Nov. 3 ballot, but told East Niagara Post via a press release/guest view that he is "officially withdrawing" from the race.

Collins, who holds the Republican, Conservative, Green, Working Families, Independence and Reform party lines, will face Bill Nye on the Democrat party line in the general election.

Mongielo's press release says that Nye, a registered member of the Independence Party, had his party line "taken from" him "illegitimately" by Niagara County Republicans. Collins won the Independence Party primary over Nye on Sept. 10.

Mongielo's press release/guest view follows in its entirety and unedited.
To the people of Niagara County, this is David Mongielo, I am officially withdrawing from the Niagara County legislator 12th district race. I found electing public servants was never intended to fix government, simply servants were never intended to make themselves accountable.  I am calling on you, The People, to use your legal authority to impanel The People’s Grand Jury with the help of the Niagara County Sheriff, to investigate the election process here in Niagara County. This 4th branch of government (The Peoples Grand Jury) was used to stop the abuse by our public servant’s in the past. I David Mongielo a registered conservative, William Nye, a registered Independent and many others in the past had our party lines taken from us illegitimately by the County Republican 'powers-that-be.'

For many years this has been happening to reform minded candidates throughout Niagara County. Minor party residents have no choice because the candidates that represent their own values have been systematically removed come the general election. Special Interests within the Niagara, some that are Republican city mayors in Lockport and North Tonawanda are abusing politically appointed commissioner of deeds positions. They do this to collect signatures on minor party lines not of their own and put family members and friends in party’s not of their own, all to put phony party leaders in place. The party leaders for example Susan A. Eberwein the county Independents party leader was put in her position by Bob Cliff a Republican supervisor, Susan did not want the voters she allegedly represented to have a choice and rubber stamped William Collins A Republican on the Independents line without an interview after Richard Updigrove dropped out. This Manipulating of the ballots on minor party lines are key to winning elections, many of the perpetrators work in the Republican side of Board of elections. In 2010 to 2012, I David Mongielo and others tried fixing this problem years ago, as elected Republican committee people we were on the inside of this corrupt machine.  We know who is doing this, but we need the will of the people to step up to the plate and fix it independent of government.

As stated from a Arizona chief justice Rebecca White Berch

The county Grand Jury (the 4th branch) is responsible for investigating possible public offenses by public official’s and return a criminal indictment.

We discovered that, according to state law, many officials and employees should face felony charges because they are using the commissioner of deeds positions and notary’s positions to steal the identities of voters in order to manipulate the endorsement process of the minor party lines, a false party endorsement is being created to manipulate the electorate. We have a list of victims together with affidavits prepared. Unfortunately the 2013 Republican Niagara County District Attorney's Office refused to take our complaint regarding the matter.

Is there a “Power Grab?” Does it make a difference? It does if we value the ability to govern ourselves.

Like we said earlier Government was never intended to fix itself. This idea was first made manifest in our original foundation document of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence:

all Men are created with unalienable Rights, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness --That to secure these Rights, whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”

So, what is important is that We The People have always had the right, as well as the responsibility, to remove those things destructive to our liberty and reorganize government power in such a “form” as would better protect it. In this case We are talking about the Niagara County electoral ‘pipeline’ and its dis-function. This electoral ‘pipeline’ is a critical component of our traditional heritage of self-governance and an expression of our rights under Natural Law. These local “pipelines” become the “feeder” lines to what ultimately ends up at the state and federal levels. This is ‘grass roots’ at its most fundamental level. It is broken, to be blunt. But how do we fix it if our own County District Attorney won’t look at it?

In 1789 to secure our rights and liberties, our founders wrote and ratified the Bill of Rights. Tucked away within the 5th Amendment is the language of the Grand Jury. It has been hiding in plain sight. Our entire Country needs to discover for themselves the special provision of this well known concept. It has gone mostly hidden by government controlled schools, unnoticed for over one hundred years. The Grand Jury is more than merely an extension of our court system and its judges. The Grand Jury is the extension of The People’s Will, and as such directs the courts themselves. Not vise versa. It protects us from the mis-governance of government and it cannot be removed with laws created by public servant’s.

In 1992, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that this little known understanding is like having another branch of government which serves as a buffer between the people and the government, itself.  The fact that the Grand Jury is mentioned only in the Bill of Rights means that it exists only in the hands of the people as a 4th branch of government.

This pseudo-branch of government is referred to as the County Grand Jury. Its functionality is to use Common Sense when investigating the suspicion of wrongs, torts, etc. But, and most importantly, it can be utilized by The People to insure their ‘government’ stays within its original framework and boundaries; not just by bringing criminal action before the court, as is typically understood. The Grand Jury is, in effect, under utilized, at least in the sense of its being a “buffer” between The People and their government when it outlandishly operates outside and above the Law of the Land. Supreme Court Justices have also stated that the people must not rely on the government to stop internal crime, it must rely on its own grand jury.

The People's Panel, is a book written by Richard D. Younger and published by Brown University in 1962. It gives examples of People formed Grand Juries having indicted judges, police chiefs and district attorneys for wrong doing in the past.

I am asking for your help to eliminate the political corruption existing in Niagara County by helping others learn about or take part to impanel The People’s Grand Jury to investigate Niagara County’s electoral process.  Otherwise, it will be virtually impossible for any constitutional reform candidate to win an election in Niagara County. We need your help. To stop this, residents need to take part in this reform process. For more information, please call David Mongielo at 625-6125 or email

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  1. You really gave him this much press? This guy will end up in the papers someday for something terrible.

  2. David Mongielo is an exceptional individual and Niagara County residents will be at a loss without his advocacy on the Niagara County Legislature


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