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Friday, September 11, 2015

An 18-year-old Lockport man was charged Sunday with threatening to kill President Barack Obama and City Court Judge Bill Watson.

According to the LPD report, Jared E. Brown called 911 and threatened the president. He had earlier called and threatened to kill Judge Watson.

NCSO dispatch tracked the call to the area of Pine and Genesee streets where LPD found Brown, who copped to the phone calls.

Patrol found a bag on Klonopin pills in Brown’s pocket, as well as a cell phone that was broken in three pieces. While being booked, LPD also found an Oxycontin pill and Clonazepam pills.

“Also during booking, patrol found two SD cards on Brown,” the report states. “Due to the nature of the incident, the cards were secured for evidence.”

He was to be in City Court on Wednesday.

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