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Friday, September 4, 2015

The summer vacation season is expected to end the same way it began, with millions of Americans packing the nation’s highways. Memorial Day kicked off the summer with the highest travel volume in 10 years; nearly 37 million Americans traveling 50 miles or more and 33 million people driving. Low gas prices during the majority of the summer months played a role in why nearly 36 million people drove to their destinations for the 4th of July.

AAA East Central expects travel to hold steady for the Labor Day weekend. With nearly 35.5 million Americans expected to be traveling over the holiday, AAA travel is predicting the highest travel volume for the weekend since 2008. The majority of travelers, 30.4 million, are expected to be driving to their final destination, while more than 2.6 million will be traveling by air; the highest volume of Labor Day air travel since 2007. Nearly 2.64 million travelers will opt for other modes of transport like train, bus or boat.

Drivers nationwide continue to benefit from the relatively low price of crude oil with today’s national average of $2.44; down almost $1.00 from last year’s price. Barring any major supply disruptions, drivers will pay the lowest national average for the holiday weekend in nearly 11 years. AAA compared gas prices in the East Central territory to prices one year ago today.
  • NY: $2.62; last year $3.70
  • PA: $2.48; last year $3.49
  • OH: $2.29; last year $3.68
  • WV: $2.45; last year $3.40
  • KY: $2.32; last year $3.36
“Labor Day presents a last-minute opportunity to enjoy some time with friends and family before the settling into the day-to-day school and work responsibilities that come with the changing season,” according to Jim Lehman, President, AAA East Central.  “Auto travel has proven to be the most popular mode of travel, with the majority of Americans driving to Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach and the Outer Banks this summer,” he adds.

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