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Friday, September 4, 2015

Have you heard the story of the poor persecuted Christian woman in Kentucky, jailed for believing in God?

I guess that would depend on where you get your news because that seems to be how the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party is taking the arrest of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, charged with contempt of court for refusing to follow a federal judge's order that she issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Davis' take on the matter is that same-sex marriage goes against her religious beliefs and as such she feels she shouldn't have to issue same-sex marriage licenses. It's not all that different from pharmacists who want to be able to not disburse birth control for the same reason. Or public grade school teachers who want to teach the alphabet without using the letter R.

Let that sink in. Because, really, it's exactly like public grade school teachers who want to teach the alphabet while ignoring the letter R. The letter R is very much part of the job. And if their religious beliefs prevent them from doing their job, then they should get a new one.

Imagine, if you will, someone getting a job at an adult video store and then refusing to rent anyone adult videos because it goes against their beliefs. Or a waiter at a restaurant who would gladly bring chicken and beef to the diners but refused to allow his tables to order pork of any kind ... for religious reasons. How long do you think those people would be employed? And do you think they'd be made into martyrs? I have a feeling they wouldn't.

I fear that one of the more deranged of the Republican candidates for president will mention this woman's name as a running mate. Or at least that someone in their camps will bring it up.

Of course, Davis is famous because we — the media — made her so. And sadly, I'm not helping the matter by discussing it here in my column. But I have a job to do. And I do it. Novel concept.

+Scott Leffler is the news editor of East Niagara Post and has a religious objection to the letter R. Follow him on Twitter @scottleffler

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  1. ♥ Funny ! Hahaha ! The Federal government was the very first one's who came up with Don't ask-Don't tell policy .Keep It to yourself they said ! States should of never approved gay marriage just to benefit themselves with more money in their pockets, Instead of keeping society and families with our morals and dignity ! Wonder what Judges, politicians n feds are telling their young children behind closed doors when their kids ask them why 2dudes were kissing and feeling each other up out in public ? It's was a good back up plan for N.Y.S. just in case every one in N.Y.S.suddenly quit smoking & doesn't have a $1.00 or a dream anymore. Then
    N.Y.S. would really be screwed and in trouble , Wouldn't they? The state should of left it all in the back of the closet. There isn't any religious bible, kuran, wican or scientology book that states that Adam & Steve were our 1rst loving couple ! Noah didn't bring 2 male animals In pairs marching 2by2 into his ark! Animals are born with the good sense to know simple right from wrong without being taught how to pick their life long mate and reproduce! No religion ! Letting 2 people of the same sex get married is just Wrong! If the world was all Gay then there would be no pro-creating & no need for Plan B and everyone would just stay HIGH on N.Y.S 's next new back up Plan B for $$$ Hahaha ! legalized WEED!

    1. There is a novel concept of the separation of church and state, if you can not do this do not take a government job, do not run for public office, and stay the Frick out of my government. There are more then just christians who live in all areas of the country, it is the job of parents and/or church leaders to be responsible for teaching morals not the government.


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