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Friday, June 5, 2015

Paula Sinclair
LEWISTON — A 44-year-old Olcott woman was charged today by New York State Police with petit larceny, accused of stealing milk bottles.

According to NYSP, Paula S. Sinclair stole two steel boxes containing a total of seven glass milk bottles from the yard of a house which is up for sale.

Troopers and Niagara County Sheriff's deputies responded to the residence when the realty company discovered an unknown vehicle in the driveway. Upon further investigation, a male and female who at first refused to identify themselves to the realty company representative, was found inside the home. The identity of the male was confirmed. He was hired to perform a foreclosure inspection and further investigation revealed, Sinclair, an acquaintance of the male, took the items from the property and placed them in the vehicle that was parked in the driveway.

Sinclair was issued an appearance ticket returnable to the Town of Lewiston Court on Wednesday.

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1 comment:

  1. This is ridiculous! What a Joke! From what the "buzz" in our neighborhood, the story is....The guy had stuff thrown in his yard out towards the road, which looked like it could be garbage. His back yard is overgrown and has crap laying around too. She admits to taking them, thinking they were trash. Complete misunderstanding over two junkie milk boxes & some old, non valuable milk jars. My ridiculous neighbor actually presses charges, knowing she really thought they were trash & being thrown out.
    Why does he press charges over a petty misunderstanding you ask? All because he's pissed off that the bank sent in a foreclosure inspector to inspect the house that they are taking back from him if he can't short sell it. (not the first inspector/bank rep to be there, either, there's been commotion over this in the past, too, where the police were involved)
    Enough is enough!
    I live on this street and could not believe the complete chaos and the number of units who responded to this...there had to be at least 8 cars there, all over worthless junk, which truth be told, probably would have been thrown out.
    Nothing but Sour grapes and a complete waste of time and our tax payer dollars due to a pissed off guy who can't pay his mortgage, so he figures he'll stick it to someone, anyone, to make himself feel better because he's losing his home. Pretty petty, and sad if you ask me. What a waste of this lady's time and for our judicial system to have to even deal with something so petty.
    Clearly, this will be thrown out of court, but what a waste of our hard earned tax dollars.

    Let's fight some REAL CRIME!!


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