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Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Police officials from LPD and NCSO investigate a daytime burglary on Elmwood Avenue Monday. Police are still looking for the suspect, described as a white male. (ENP FILE PHOTO BY HEATHER N. GRIMMER)


The Lockport Police Department is still on the lookout for a suspect from a daytime burglary that occurred Monday on Elmwood Avenue.

According to police, a white male entered the single-family home on the east end of Elmwood and was found by the homeowners when they returned around noon.

"They had left the house and when they returned, they found him in the house," according to LPD Det. Capt. Brian Wentland. "He took off out the front and went running towards Davison Road."

LPD had help from the Niagara County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police but the suspect eluded their afternoon dragnet.

Wentland said police know the identity of the suspect and that they are familiar with him; "He is known to us."

LPD may release his identity and photo later in the week if they don't locate him without public assistance.


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