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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
By +Scott Leffler

Roger Sherrie
Democratic mayoral candidate Roger Sherrie volleyed back at WLVL News Director Eric DuVall in another press release issued Monday.

Sherrie had initially sent a press release to local media early Monday morning asking for equal access to WLVL and LCTV air time as incumbent Mayor Anne McCaffrey currently receives, citing FCC regulation and the Communications Act of 1934, which "ensure fair and equitable treatment of candidates for public office; assuring the listening public a full airing of community and campaign issues.”

DuVall responded by noting that the election is still six months away and saying, "It’s worth noting Mr. Sherrie never" requested "an appearance on WLVL before sending out his release."

Sherrie, however, says he had sent a letter to WLVL owner and Operations Manager Richard Greene last week saying, “I would welcome regular appearances on your station with similar formats afforded Mayor McCaffrey.”

“I have not yet heard from Mr. Greene and apparently Mr. Duvall was not aware of my letter or my request,” Sherrie said Monday afternoon. “But I have every confidence both WLVL and LCTV will do the right thing by voters and afford all candidates the same opportunities afforded the Mayor or other elected officials."

Meanwhile, LCTV Operations Manager Rich Zapp chimed in with a statement of his own explaining their policies:
Incumbent officials appear on the government channel as part of their duties of office in an effort to keep their constituents informed. LCTV’s government channel is not a news channel or public access channel. Officials currently holding office are not entitled to use such appearances as an opportunity to campaign for re-election. These programs are withdrawn from production 30 days prior to a primary or general election. LCTV also offers candidates on the ballot for a general election the opportunity to record a 5-minute campaign statement, free of charge. We obtain a list of candidates from the Board of Elections and all local candidates are invited.

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