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Wednesday, November 5, 2014
LPD, LFD and Twin City Ambulance try to sort out a mess on Niagara Street near Hawley Street this morning after a squirrel caused a four-car pileup. (PHOTOS BY STEPHEN M. WALLACE / CONTRIBUTOR)


Hawley Street was completely blocked off my the accident.
A car attempting to avoid a squirrel started what became a four-car pile-up on Niagara Street this morning near the Niagara County Courthouse.

Witnesses say the first car swerved to miss the rodent, who got away unscathed. The car, however, did not, crashing into three cars parked on the north side of Niagara Street, spinning and stopping faced in the other direction. The accident caused what is likely tens of thousands of dollars in damage and injury to the driver.

Car parts and debris ended up on the south lawn of the courthouse from the collision. Niagara Street was impassible due to the cars strewn across the road.

Twin City Paramedics handled the injured driver while the Lockport Fire Department swept the debris out of the road.

The investigation is ongoing.

NOTE: Story edited at 5:09 p.m. to correct street that was closed and add details about the accident.

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