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Tuesday, April 8, 2014
CONTRIBUTED ART - The Asylum, a Hollywood 
production studio, filmed part of an upcoming feature
movie in Lockport on Sunday.
When a Hollywood film company needed a location for people to fight off alligators in a cave, of course they chose Lockport.

The Asylum, the same outfit that made "Sharknado" a trending topic on Twitter last summer, filmed part of their latest endeavor, "Alligator Attack" at Lockport Caves and Underground Boat Rides on Sunday.

The film, set in New York City, used about 40 extras from Western New York in scenes in Lockport and Buffalo. Their task? Fighting off imaginary alligators, which would later be added to the film digitally.

Tim Clark, film commissioner for the Buffalo Niagara Film Office, says Western New York is becoming a destination for film makers.

"I think a lot of it, quite honestly, has been a lot of these tax incentives that have made their way through the Legislature,"Clark said this afternoon via phone.

"Niagara County is just fertile ground because it's always been very under-shot ... under-photographed," he said. "Instead of recreating ... in a sound stage in Hollywood, why not go to Lockport and get the real thing?"

"Alligator Attack" is hardly the first Hollywood film that was shot in Lockport. Last summer, "The American Side," starring Matthew Broderick, was partially filmed at the Erie Canal locks in Lockport using local police as extras. It is set to be released sometime this year.

"In a case of Lockport — in the city — it's go so many nice buildings, architecturally, it works so well for these things," Clark said.

The Niagara Falls area has been host to movie productions for years, including the Johnny Depp movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End;" "Canadian Bacon," with John Candy; Bruce Willis' flop, "Hudson Hawk," and the Troma film, "Return to Nuke 'em High," which was filmed last year with scores of local extras. The Marilyn Monroe classic "Niagara," was actually filmed on the Canadian side of the border.

Local residents may be disappointed they didn't have advance notice so they could watch the filming. But that's by design. 

"So much of this stuff is very very secret and the film company doesn't want to tip it off before hand because they don't want crowds," Clark said.

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