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Friday, December 27, 2013
Niagara County Sheriff's deputies and Middleport police are investigating a robbery that occurred at the 7-Eleven Store on Telegraph Road just after midnight on Christmas.

According to the NCSO report, at approximately 12:10 a.m., two unknown males entered the store, one of whom pointed a black pistol at the clerk. The two males proceeded to move around to the front of the counter and the one who displayed the pistol demanded all the money from inside the cash register.

The clerk told NCSO that he removed the till from the register, and turned over an estimated $122 to the male, who then demanded that the clerk empty the safe below the counter. The clerk told them that he did not know how to open the safe, at which point both males exited the store and left in an easterly direction.

The clerk told sheriff's deputies that he observed an unknown vehicle leave the parking lot and continue east on Telegraph Road, at which point he activated the panic alarm and contacted NCSO. Middleport Police were first to arrive on scene at approximately 12:14 a.m.

According the NCSO report, surveillance footage showed that the suspect with the gun appeared to be a white male, approximately 5-foot 9-inches tall. He was wearing a black colored Carhartt style coat, a black colored hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head, a white colored rag covering his face from the nose down, dark blue colored jeans, black gloves, and dark colored boots.

The second suspect appeared to be a white male approximately 5'10'' tall, slightly taller than the first suspect to enter the store. The second suspect was wearing a light colored hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head, a white colored rag covering his face from the nose down, dark colored jeans, and boots.

A description of the males was immediately provided and Orleans County was advised of the incident. Niagara County Sheriff's Office CIB and ID responded to the scene upon request of Middleport Police. Middleport Police Department is handling the original complaint. A report was written by patrol for CIB and CSI.

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  1. Ok, some thought on this and I'm sure many will disagree. First off what is best known about Middleport and the police department. Well I think we can agree that for years now The Middleport police are best known for writing speeding tickets along Rt 31 to locals as well as people who happen to travel along that road.. I myself have had received a few tickets over the years, some rightly so and others, well I simply didn't deserve. However being a small town that is what they do With this recent event there is a little bit of outrage and shock not to mention the question, how could this have happened in Middleport. Well here is my thought. PEOPLE are desperate. Over the past few years we have seen massive job loss and the search for work is a real challenge. What do you think you can support a family on a Burger King or McDonalds paycheck? Cause this job growth stuff you keep hearing about well that's were the jobs are. Because of this fact and believe me when I say I have done the research to back this claim, people in our area are desperate. No work and the need for money drives people to take this chance. What do you think, that this was done for kicks, or to simply see if they can get away with it.. Cmon get real.. If the two so called thugs had jobs and could make ends meet, do you think they would have even done this.. It's a Robin Hood scenario, and when those who go without need to meet a goal or agenda, they will always rob from someone who has to get what they want or simply need. Rob from the rich to give to the poor.. I suppose it would not be this way if we could all find Jobs and be without the burden of high taxes, and or burdens placed on those who are lucky enough to have jobs by people who spend our incomes for us. Now here is what's worse. Our rights are slowly being stripped away from us by people who want to control us. And the most relevant topic is Gun control. Although illegal and a clear violation of our constitution, we have a jack off Governor in NYs state right now that is taking away our rights to protect ourselves. From his safe act reform, to his ammunition background checks. You can call me a butthole or tell me I'm wrong, but in time you will see your ability to protect yourself and your family taken away from you. It's happening right in front our eyes, and no one is doing enough to stop this.. They claim it is all the name of protecting our children, or stopping school shootings.. Horse Pucky, its about control and having a royal agenda shoved down our throats.. So let me ask you this.. You support this agenda, you think that these reforms are whats needed, well what are you going to do when your the victim. Are you gonna rely on the police to protect you when your ass is robbed. Proof is right here in front of you. The police although they may make an arrest in this case, they were powerless to keep this from happening or to stop it in the act. Even worse, the people on duty could do nothing to stop it, and that is the real problem. Criminals dont care about gun laws, they support them. Hell I dare say, they are responsible for them. So lets just flip this whole thing, what if everyone was armed, would you be willing to take a chance on robbing a store if you knew that some one inside may be armed, and they could shoot your carcass. I don't think so. Or at least a normal thinking person would not attempt such an act. Crime is always gonna exist, just a fact of our world , but the inability to protect what we have is the real crime here. Mark my words, this is just the start, and the crimes will become more violent and shocking..
    Welcome to the New Age and the results of your low information voting.

  2. I have lived here, in Middleport, for 8 years and cannot say enough about the protection our local police provide on a continued basis. They are proud of our low crime community and rightly so. This is a random act of criminals passing through that in no way should shed an ill light on this beautiful, peaceful town.

  3. I agree with the Annom poster, Middleport is a nice little town.. I should know, I am from the town and very proud to say so. My take is not a knock on the police, but how can they anticipate this type of activity? For the most part, they are ticket writers, and thats a good thing.. What I am saying, is simply if your local police officers biggest worry is speeding along Rt 31, than I would say that is a job well done.

  4. And make no mistake,, this crime was not done by a passer through.. Who ever did this was fairly local.

  5. commenting on ticketing in Middleport has nothing to do with the article. Nor does gun possession. Ignorance is bliss...


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