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Thursday, April 7, 2016
Dawn Timm, Niagara County Environmental Coordinator, recommends the city renegotiate with Modern disposal company before engaging in a round of new bidding. (JOE KISSEL / ENP STAFF)


Alderman Joe O’Shaughnessy wants the city to seek new bids regarding its expiring refuse contract with Modern disposal company.

“It’s only good business,” he said.

“If we extend this out five years, we’re giving someone $10 million,” O’Shaughnessy said.
However, his resolution to compel the city to seek new bidders in a region that boasts several competitive disposal companies was tabled.

Alderman Joe Oates suggested continuing this discussion — which pushed the work session well into the regular meeting — at Wednesday’s “meeting of the whole” after strong objections to the proposal from council president David Wohleben.

After some discussion, O’Shaughnessy agreed and withdrew the resolution.

The city has until July 1 to notify Modern regarding their intentions.

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1 comment:

  1. O'Shaughnessy don't be intimidated by the Republicans on the counsel and the Republicans in the County. They are afraid of the political contributions from Modern drying up to the Republican Party. Timm is the front woman to keep the status quo and the contributions from Modern running into the Republican Party coffers. By the way, who was the fool who negotiated language into the Modern contract that if the city seeks competitive bids that it voids the contract!


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