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Thursday, February 4, 2016

NEWFANE -- The Emergency Department at the East Niagara Hospital’s Newfane site will be transitioned to an urgent care service on March 15, the hospital announced today.

Hospital administration explained the move as being beneficial to both its bottom line as well as that of Newfane patients.

“The Emergency Department at the Newfane site has averaged approximately 11 patients per day," according to ENH Director of Community Relations Carolyn Moore. "The Hospital is incurring an annual loss of $1.5 million on this service. In addition to being more financially sensible, the community would be better served with an urgent care model of service. The vast majority of patients who have utilized the Newfane Emergency Department throughout the past year have presented with illnesses or injuries that are not critical or life threatening. These patients would be served more efficiently in an urgent care setting."

As of March 15, ambulances and patients with emergent symptoms would go directly to the Lockport Emergency Department.

Moore said, “Many patients arriving by ambulance have transitioned to the Emergency Department at the Lockport site during the past year. This conversion to urgent care is in response to the trend that patients are seeking more cost-effective and efficient care. The rapid growth of urgent care facilities has been seen throughout the country. Copays for urgent care are less than those for emergency services."

The hospital currently provides urgent care services at ENH Express Care on South Transit Road in the Town of Lockport.  This second Express Care site will serve patients from the northern communities.

The hospital's "Express Care service on Transit Road has consistently grown since the service opened over two years ago and the hospital expanded its service hours last year," Moore said. "Urgent care is convenient, accessible and an excellent choice for many patients who are unable to get immediate appointments with their regular physician.”

Approximately 10 full and part time employees will be affected. In addition, some per diem employees, a number of whom already work in a primary role at the Lockport site may be impacted.  The Hospital will be making every effort to utilize displaced staff in the new urgent care service or provide these individuals with opportunities at the Hospital’s other sites.

The Express Care facility will be open 7 days per week, operating Monday-Friday from 12 Noon to 8 pm and Saturday/Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.  These hours may be extended as needed.  All other services at the Newfane site, including: Lab Draw, Radiology, Physical and Occupational therapy, and Dialysis will remain the same.

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1 comment:

  1. For most people it will now be at least a 30 minute ride to ENH to get to an overcrowded emergency room that is in serious need of updating. As far as urgent care...I guess people in the area are only allowed to be ill or hurt between 12 and 8 pm weekdays and 10 to 6 on weekends - RIDICULOUS.


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