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Monday, October 5, 2015

A Lockport police officer was injured while arresting a Washburn Street man Saturday evening.

According to the LPD report on file, patrol had arrived at a Washburn Street address to find two men fighting. One of the men, Cedric R. Carpenter, 21, 224 Washburn St., Apt. D, then fled.

"Patrol quickly yelled for Cedric to stop, and which point, he turned to run," the report said. "He was taken into custody" with the assistance of a TASER.

"During the struggle with Carpenter, one officer suffered a hand injury," the report says.

Carpenter, who was found to be carrying a spring-loaded knife, was combative during booking and "had to be pepper sprayed," the report said.

He was due in City Court this morning.

The report does not indicate the officer who was injured or what his current status is.

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  1. And this damn story is bullshit, lets tell what really happen with the police.. when the police arrived someone screamed run, Cedric walked down the stairs and the officer jumped out his truck and grabbed him by his throat and slammed his head on the concrete bricks and threw him down to the ground,while he was handcuffed with the police sitting on him they tasered him. Which by the way is on video..and the police didn't yell damn stop cuz Cedric wasn't going no where. Lockport police used excessive force on him again, and they always putting their hands on people for no reason.

  2. Yeah like he intentionally hurt the police? Come on now. There is so much more crime going on shooting stabbing robbery but you go.this hard on this boy over a domestic dispute!!!!


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