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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Residents of the City of Lockport,

The opportunity for change has presented itself. Staring us in the face, daring us to embrace it. Ladies and gentleman, it is time for us to make a statement. For too long, have we allowed the shades to be drawn, blinding us of the truth. For too long, have we stood by and let lies dictate the direction of our fair city. For too long, have we allowed political agendas dominate the actions of those that are sworn to faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of their office according to the best of their ability. It must end now.

Residents have been burdened with higher taxes, decreased services, and no reasonable explanation as to why. The City of Lockport budget can no longer be balanced on the shoulders of the voters. You cannot get blood from a stone. We are reaching the limits of our ability to assess property taxes and utility fees to balance an already over-burdened budget. Most middle/lower class families already rely on two-income households to ensure that ends meet at the end of the day.

Now is the time for all residents to do their part to aid our ailing city. I once heard a phrase that a street light does not get installed at an intersection until someone tragically loses their life. There is no better time than now to install the proverbial stop light. We must no longer accept a City Council that will not accept responsibility for their part in the state of current affairs. Deflecting blame and offering no reasonable rectification is an insult to the intelligence of all residents.

I implore all registered voters to make their voices heard on Election Day. Let those that run for office know that we will not sit idly by and let our city crumble around us. We need to make it clear that if elected officials do not truly have the residents best interest in mind, they will be voted out. There is no room for complacency. I have heard my alderman repeatedly state that he knows what his constituents want. Excuse me sir, but you have proven to be disconnected from your constituents.

Mayor McCaffrey, I charge you to explain to the residents why you and our council decided to implement a director of finance position prior to a referendum which is a violation of the city charter. How is it "fiscally responsible" to have two positions doing the same job at the price-tag of their current salaries? Implementing a director of finance position prior to a referendum is slap in the face to all voters in the city of Lockport and screams of arrogance.

Come Nov. 3, we the voters have the ability to let the council know they are not doing a good enough job. That the state of affairs is unacceptable. Come Nov. 3, we the voters can make a difference. No one will do it for us. If we do not act now, we are telling those in office that their sub-par performance is good enough. It isn't; now it's time to show them that at the ballot box.

-- David J. Miller Jr. is a City of Lockport resident

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