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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
A picket line walks in front of the parking lot at ATI on Ohio Street. A tractor trailer that had crossed the line is now stuck in the parking lot. (PHOTOS BY SCOTT LEFFLER / ENP STAFF)


A passerby waves and honks Tuesday afternoon while more than 150 
picketers protest outside ATI on Ohio Street.
Over 150 picketers from several different unions showed support on Tuesday for the 44 United Steel Workers locked out of the job at Allegheny Technologies Inc.

In all, 2,200 ATI employees are locked out of their jobs at a dozen plants in six states. They have been since negotiations broke down on Aug. 15.

According to the union, ATI is demanding large increases in employee health care expenses. The company is also pushing to eliminate pensions for new hires.

A USW press release calls the lockout "part of an orchestrated campaign by ATI to force workers to accept major, unnecessary concessions. The company made the move even though the union offered to keep working while talks continue."

USW Local 9436 President Mike Swann called the lockout "an issue of corporate greed."

"Our CEO just took a 70-percent increase ... while telling us we had to maintain a 15-percent return on investment. But it's going to be done on our back," Swann said.

Fourty-four USW workers at ATI on Ohio Street — and 2,200 nationwide — are locked out of their jobs. 

There's more photos from Tuesday's protest here. (link)

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