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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
By +Scott Leffler

Roger Sherrie
Roger Sherrie, Democrat and endorsed Working Families candidate for Lockport mayor is questioning the leadership of the Independence Party.

Sherrie said he has sent a letter to regular Independence Party voters asking them to write-in his name for mayor in the Sept. 10 primary election. He and fellow Democratic mayoral candidate Michael Pillot filed petitions with the Board of Elections to open up the Independence Party ballot line for “Write-In” candidates. The Independence Party endorsed incumbent Republican Mayor Anne McCaffrey.

In his letter, Sherrie criticized party leaders saying they “chose to endorse every single Republican candidate running for office in Lockport.” He said he could not find where the party had endorsed any citywide Democrat candidate in over a decade. “To me, it seems the Independence Party leaders aren’t very independent anymore.”

“If enough Independence Party voters go to the polls on Primary Day to write in my name for mayor over McCaffrey, then I would appear on the Independence ballot line in November,” wrote Sherrie. “If that doesn’t send a wakeup call to party leaders, I don’t know what will.”

For her part, McCaffrey said she was "pleased to get the Indepdendence Party endorsement and I'm working hard both in city government and campaigning to earn the vote of the Independence Party voters."

As to the independence of the Independence Party, she added, "I'm not going to speculate on why the Independence Party has decided to endorse particular candidates. You'd have to ask them."

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