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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Founding Fathers were so convinced that religion was a bad thing that they put the separation of church and state into the Constitution. In the Constitution it says “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” In other words, religion has no place in any public office.

People love hiding behind the Constitution, but they seem to only love hiding behind their favorite parts. Most of these new Christian groups seem to bypass this part of the Constitution when they claim that their rights are being infringed on.

Let’s review some facts here, shall we? There is no one preventing Christians from practicing their faith in public, preaching their faith in public or discussing their faith in public. You can talk about your religion all you want in public to anyone who will listen. The problem comes when people say they don’t want to listen and Christians force themselves on those people anyways. That is also a violation of the Constitution, which everyone seems to hold so dear whenever they feel oppressed.

With complete lack of respect to the certifiably insane Mike Huckabee, that whack job clerk in Kentucky is not being oppressed. Any semblance of respect I had for Huckabee, which was hanging by a thread to begin with, was lost when he decided that Christians who decide to use religion as an excuse to not do their jobs are being oppressed.

What is even sadder is this whack job is giving speeches to enthusiastic crowds of supporters. What the hell is wrong with people? Religion is something that is supposed to be very private between an individual, their church, their family and their god. Stop thinking that your religion is so important that you can use it to bypass federal law and do whatever you want.

Here is some more breaking news for anyone who supports the nut job in Kentucky. She is breaking the law. The only thing I don’t understand is why she hasn’t been impeached yet and removed from her post. She can’t be fired because she was elected, but the government in Kentucky can certainly and rightfully impeach her. Why she is still considered the clerk in those there parts is beyond me.

I wish I could say I have nothing against religion, but that would be a lie. But I definitely have no problem with people of any religion worshipping within the boundaries of the law. The thing is, you should never bring religion into your workplace. If this whacko from Kentucky is allowed to keep her job, then I expect nativity scenes to be going back up on the front lawns of government buildings all over the country this Christmas. This is insanity and it has to stop.

Remember when everyone was going crazy taking religion out of government buildings? Remember that? Ah, the good old days. Whatever happened to that movement?

No one has the right to deny any person a government license or permit because of religion. When the video of that thrice-divorced adulterer (I looked it up and this term applies here) denying a gay couple their marriage licensed surfaced, that woman should have been immediately impeached. When it was revealed that she stopped issuing marriage licenses to all couples (straight or gay) until the Supreme Court repealed the gay marriage ruling, she should have been locked in a prison for violating the oath she swore when she took office.

I am absolutely sick and tired of these people who cherry-pick bits and pieces of the Bible or the Constitution to suit their needs. The whacko in Kentucky is an adulterer by the strict definition of the Christian doctrine, which makes every one of her supporters hypocrites and morons.

Only in America could someone who denies another person their government-given right because of some stupid and misplaced religious belief be hailed as a hero. I know that the whacko was supposedly born again and that is supposed to absolve all of her past sins. But guess what? She is still married to the sin that made her an adulterer in the first place. So that tab is still running in my book.

Religion is becoming too prominent, Donald Trump is leading the polls for the Republican nomination for president and guys can now put on wigs and demand to be able to use women’s locker rooms. What the hell is wrong with everyone? Has everyone lost their minds? Is this what happens when the country is connected by a communication platform that allows all the crazies to give their opinions on everything?

Never in the history of the world has a society been so connected that citizens can talk to each other on an individual basis whenever they want. This only shows that crazy is contagious and the entire country is catching it. I don’t even know if there is a cure for what ails this country.

You cannot run a country based on religion. You know who keeps trying that and fails miserably? Al-Queda and their sequels (ISIS and whatever Islamic bastardization of the week is in charge). How is a religious doctrine being used as government law working out in the Middle East? Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Wake up, people! Keep your religion to yourself and let the government dictate the rules of society. You know? The government made up of representatives that the brain surgeons in this country elected.

This country is going to get what it deserves one way or the other, and it will be too late to fix things when everyone realizes how wrong they were. In the meantime, all I can do is stand by and shake my head as the entire country descends into a madness that our Founding Fathers never foresaw.

I guarantee that if Thomas Jefferson was able to see into the future and see what this country would be like in 2015, he would have put down his pen and gone back to England.

+George N Root III is a Lockport resident and proud American who hates what is happening to his country. Follow him on Twitter @georgenroot3 or send him a message at May God have mercy on us all.

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  1. You are right on people will only use what part of constitution that they see fit

  2. Well said. My husband and I discuss this every time it hits the news. We were educated when the constitution was reviewed in somewhat detail. It's a shame that the "wack jobs" can use parts that they perceive as backing up their religious beliefs. Thanks for your well written rant!


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