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Friday, September 25, 2015

TOWN OF LOCKPORT -- A Ruhlman Road man lost his canine companion on Thursday after another dog attacked and killed it.

According to the Niagara County Sheriff's Office, the complainant was walking his Pomeranian dog around the Ruhlman Road apartment complex when it was suddenly attacked by a pit bull, which grabbed the smaller dog in its mouth and refused to let go.

"Once the pit bull released the Pomeranian (the man) realized that his dog was dead," the Sheriff's report states.

A young boy then ran up to the pair of dogs and walked the pill bull to one of the apartments.

Patrol made contact with the boy who told them he was walking his dog when it suddenly began to pull him towards the Pomeranian. The juvenile "fell to the ground and was being dragged by his pit bull," the report says. "Eventually he was unable to hold on any longer and the leash slipped out of his hand." By the time he got to his dog, it was already attacking the smaller dog. The juvenile "grabbed his dog's back legs in an attempt to make him drop the Pomeranian. Once his dog dropped the other dog, he quickly walked the dog home."

The boy's mother told patrol that they had just gotten the dog in August. She further said she doesn't want the dog anymore and that she would take it to the Niagara County SPCA today.

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  1. Pit bulls are NOT appropriate pets. Pit bulls maul, maim and kill more people, pets and livestock animals than ALL OTHER DOG BREEDS COMBINED, AND BY FAR. Be safe. Adopt a safe pet for your family...they will thank you.

    1. Before bully dogs (pits, bull mastiff, American PIT Bulldogs, akitas, etc) infested our communities and polluted
      the dog gene pool, we essentially NEVER had dog on dog or dog - human attacks that resulted in severe injury or death on neutral ground. Never.

      We never had invasion attacks where dogs worked to break through fences, windows, and walls for the sole purpose of attacking and killing their own kind and humans. Never.

      Ask the elderly. Before bully dogs, did a non-rabid dog ever enter a fenced backyard for the sole purpose of killing another dog or attacking a human? No.

      In communities that are bully dog free, these attacks simply do not occur in the horrific numbers and ways that happen where bully dog infestation has taken over.

      Before bully dogs, even when male dogs of various sizes gathered around a female dog in heat, the fights never ended in death. The squabble ended the moment one dog lost and submitted, and then was permitted to limp away alive.

      Proof that pits and their cousins are the best at mauling and killing? They top the insurance companies' "least wanted" lists because pits are the best at inflicting horrendous financial losses.

      Pits are game changers. They are the only choice of the "kill or die tryin" style of dogfighter, all USA and UK dogmen choose pit bulls. They should know which dogs are best at leaving home to attack and kill on instinct alone, as they created these sociopathic mutant pits.

    2. False its all in how the dog is raised

  2. Pitbull are not the the problem it's the owners and how it's raised..people need to get there facts straight..any dog is capable of attacking another dog bot just a pitbull

  3. Ottumwa, Iowa

    Population 24,998

    In July 2010, Police Chief Jim Clark said there had been no recorded pit bull attacks since the city's 2003 pit bull ban. Between 1989 and 2003, the city had a pit bull ordinance, but still allowed pit bulls as "guard" dogs.
    "Police Chief Jim Clark says since the ban, there have been no recorded attacks by the animals.

    "We haven't had any attacks since then for one thing because it is illegal," said Clark. "Most people are keeping their dogs inside their house or inside their basement and not letting them out loose so therefore they're not around other people to attack them."

    "In the two-and-a-half years before the 2003 ban, Ottumwa police recorded 18 pit bull attacks, including the death of 21-month-old Charlee Shepherd in August 2002. There were at least three other attacks on children during this time."

  4. Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to May.25, 2013.
    By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2013, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animals 24-7, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.

    Study highlights
    Pit bull type dogs make up only 6% of all dogs in the USA.
    The combination of Pit Bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids and other Pit Bull Type Dogs:

    84% of attacks that induce bodily harm.

    75% of attacks to children.

    87% of attack to adults.

    72% of attacks that result in fatalities.

    80% that result in maiming

  5. 26 dead by dog attack in the US & Canada so far in 2015.
    21 killed by known pit bull type dogs / pit bull mixes, which include
    so-called 'breeds' like Bullmastiffs and American Bulldogs.

    Stars (**) indicate that the killer was someone’s beloved family pit bull that was never abused or neglected.

    The double dagger (‡) indicates that the ‘pet’ pit bull belonged to the deceased person, their family or a relative.

    Adult fatalities by pit bull type dog (14):

    Eugene Smith – 87 y.o. – Frederick MD ** ‡ January 7; ‘rescue’ pit bull, kept as indoor family pet
    Fredrick Crutchfield, 63 years old, Coal Hill, Arkansas ** ‡ Feb.4th
    Roy Higgenbotham Jr., 62 years old, Wheeling, West Virginia ** March.9th
    by Friends Pit Bull
    Kenneth Ford, 79 years old, Pahrump, Nev., March.13
    Julia Charging Whirlwind, 49 years old, White River, SD by Pack of Pit Bull dogs, March.14th, Native American on Rosebud Reservation.
    De'trick O. Johnson, 36 years old, Pine Bluff, Ark, March.21, by a pack of pit bull type dogs.
    Norberto Legarda, 83, Pecos, TX July.2
    Matthew Brigmantas – 38 y.o. – Hamilton, Ontario ** [July 8 – killed by pit bull mix he was walking]
    Annie Williams, 71, Shaker Heights , OH ** ‡ July.12 Granddaughters pit bull
    Carolyn Sue Lamp, 67 years old, Redbird OK, July.24th
    Porsche Nicole Cartee, 25 years old, Spartanburg, SC, ** ‡ Aug.22nd
    Cathy Wheatcraft, 48 years old, Cooleemee, N.C, Aug.24th
    Emilio Rios Sr., 65 years old, Riverside, CA, Sept.8th
    Carmen Reigada, 91 years old, Southwest Miami Dade, FL, ** ‡ Sept.22nd

    Child fatalities by pit bull type dog (7):

    Declan Dean Moss – 18 mos. Old – Brooksville, FL ** ‡ January 19, mother’s pit bulls]
    Malaki Mildward -- 7 years old -- College Springs, Iowa ** ‡ January.22, 2 Pit Bull Mixes, Mother's & friends Pit bulls.
    Taylynn Devaughnm 2 years old, West Mifflin, PA ** ‡ Feb.22 Aunt's Pit Bull Mix
    Brayden Lamar Wilson, 2 month old baby, Dallas, TX, ** ‡ April.19, by family pit bull.
    James W. Nevils III, 5 years old, Southside Chicago, May.26th
    Jordon Tyson 'Jo Jo' Collins 3 years old, Lawton, Ok, ** ‡ June.29th
    Joshua Phillip Strother, 6 years old, Hendersonville, N.C., July.7

    Fatalities by ‘breed unknown’ (1)
    Unidentified Native American – about 40 y,o. – Gallup, NM [January 2
    [found dead at the roadside after altercation with ‘feral dogs’]
    Neta Lee Adams, 81 years old, Washington County, GA Mar 31, 2015

    Fatalities by 'other breed's' (2)
    Gaege Ramirez ,7 years old, Canyon Lake, TX ** ‡ May.2
    Betty Wood, 78 years old, Sulphur Springs, TX ** ‡ March.13, by her pet Rottweiler

    Foreign deaths by pit bull type dog that we know of (10):

    Maxi Millian Guscott – 2 y.o. – St. Ann, Jamaica ** ‡ [January 2 – bullmastiff, which is a pit bull – mastiff mix]
    Emilia Mitroi – 53 y.o. – Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania [March 9 – attacked while feeding her son’s
    Itamir Fogaca da Silva – 45 y.o. – Sao Paolo, Brazil ** ‡ [March 12 – killed by his mother’s six pit bull mixes when he went to check on her]
    Rhona Greve – 64 y.o. – Ely, Cardiff, Wales, UK ** ‡ [March 20]
    Michael Dany Kassouah – 7 y.o. – Zahle, al-Kark region, Lebanon [April 7]
    Sheikh Kousar – 6 y.o. – Kakumanu Village, Andhra Pradesh, India [April 15 – roaming pit bulls]
    Unidentified man – age not reported – Lauro de Freitas, Brazil [April 22 – killed in his home by his own pit bull]
    Fred Savage – 13 y.o. – Otjomuise, Namibia ** [June 27 – the pit bulls continued to maul the boy even after being shot]
    Matthew Brigmantas – 38 y.o. – Hamilton, Ontario ** [July 8 – killed by pit bull mix he was walking]
    Matias Reynoso, 21-month-old , Leon, Mexico ** Killed by two pit bulls, July.17th

  6. Pit bull type dogs make up only 6% of the US dog population yet they kill more then 99% of the 50,000 people, pets and livestock every year in the US.!

    Over the last 800 years Pit bull type dogs were Breed to kill Bears, Bulls & Large draft horses in the pit and then later each other in dog fights, that is what they are and they are what they do, Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit.

    This is what they do, what they are and why they are not fit for human interaction then or now.!!

  7. For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:
    Share Far & Wide.!

  8. You should get your facts straight. The "Pit Bull type dog" as you put it, was used as a nanny dog. Parents would leave their young children with their "Pit bull type dog", to watch their kids. They are trustworthy animals. It is all in how you raise them, as with any breed. This is just the breed of choice for discrimination at this time. As it was also the German Sheapard, rottweiler, domerman, and so on. The pit bull terrier it American staffordshire terror are chosen for fighting dogs because they are willing to do anything their human wants them to do, to make them happy. They are pleasers, and lovers and that is all.

  9. Can a bully person please try to explain to us what sociopathic reasoning you use to justify the continued breeding of THE dog fighters' only choice?

    You should realize you are the same as Michael Vick. How many dogs did Vick kill in his dog fighting career? Dozens to several hundred? That many are being killed every hour if you count the victims of pit attacks, dog fights, and the literally tons of surplus pits that die in pounds. They must be killed if only to make room for the next swarm of surplus pits, because bully people resist bsl sterilization for these most abused and deadly mutants. Pits breed like flies so they must die like flies, thanks to bully people.


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