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Friday, September 18, 2015

The city is definitely in need of a professional manager for human resources.

The prior administration and the current administration have demonstrated total insensitivity to the employees providing essential services to this community.

The apparent desire to break and/or dissolve collective bargaining is a mistake. Lockport continues to experience expensive litigation and continues to destroy any semblance of employee morale through their caustic style of management.

The community is paying for essential services and they are getting less because of this  inept administration.
We definitely need change. Regrettably, the change will not come soon enough to stop the damage that is being inflicted upon this community.

Policeman working 12-hour shifts, additional six hours of overtime is not good for the employee, the employee's family or the public that they are serving.

Firemen have been constantly badgered with less manpower than is required to provide services in a safe, efficient manner to the community being served.

Our emergency medical teams have been emasculated and replaced by a profit motivated company with questionable response times, and it is alleged with manpower with less training than we had.

Streets departments working with less than the optimum number of manpower and required to do so much more.

Parks and recreation areas are in deplorable conditions.

Management of the streets paving, striping, etc. are non-existent.

Yet we are asked to pay more and to continue to get less.

We rely on the media both print media as well as radio and television to provide the public with objective information. In that regard, we need more information. We the public are getting less from this administration and not enough from the media.

We need change. Change will only come about if accurate information is conveyed to the public. The information we receive appears to be tightly managed to always put the administration in a positive light. That's okay if and when justified, but for the most part it hasn't been justified.

It's time for all of you in a position to provide good information to start doing more. We deserve no less.

— Tony Sammarco is a City of Lockport resident

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