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Monday, September 7, 2015
The FiLTERED REALiTY exhibit at Market Street Art Studios has been extended through Sept. 26. (PHOTOS AND ARTWORK  BY HEATHER N. GRIMMER)

By +Scott Leffler

Works include numerous photos of buildings in varying
states of dilapidation, one of Grimmer's niches.
Many artists would tell you that blood, sweat and tears went into their work. For Heather Grimmer, it’s true.

Grimmer, a survivor of domestic violence, turns the agony of her past into works of beauty, capturing images with her camera lense that would seem to defy classification. The photos of dilapidation and decay stand as a metaphor for those who offer a filtered version of themselves for the public to see.

Several of those images are on display at Market Street Art Studios, 247 Market St., Lockport, through Sept. 26. The exhibit, “FiLTERED REALiTY,” was originally planned to run through Sept. 12.

“Due to the popularity of this show, we have decided to extend it,” said Sally Bisher, director of Market Street Art Studios.

In addition, Grimmer will be on hand for an artist “Walk and Talk” from 1-4 p.m. Sept. 20 “to discuss her work and answer questions,” Bisher said.

While all of the pieces in the exhibit have meaning, some are more personal than others for Grimmer, who hopes to use art as a means of therapy for others who have undergone similar ordeals.

One of Grimmer's motivations, architecture, makes a strong showing in
the exhibit. 
Trained in architecture and photography, she serves as the co-publisher of the online news source East Niagara Post, as well as its photography director. She is also deeply interested in psychology and human nature.

"There's nothing I can say that even parallels the depths of the emotion wrapped up and displayed in this show,” Grimmer said. “While I have lived and felt the emotions behind every piece in the exhibit, it's been interesting to see how the emotions of my work have extended outward to the viewers of this exhibit and how emotions have been felt and captivated others. I'm honored that Market Street Art Studios felt this exhibit had to be extended"

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Select works from the exhibit are available online at Click the photo above to view them. 

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