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Thursday, September 10, 2015

By +Scott Leffler

Poll workers in the 4th District of the 4th Ward at
the Lockport Public Library wait for voters in 
today's election. (SCOTT LEFFLER / ENP STAFF)
Lockport Democratic mayoral candidate Roger Sherrie handily took the Democrat line over Mike Pillot today, by a total of 424 votes to 162. There were also 11 write-in votes cast.

Incumbent Mayor Anne McCaffrey, already having the GOP line locked up, added the Conservative line in the mayor's race over a write-in challenge, taking 46 votes to 16 write-ins. She also held the Independence line over a write-in bid, 48 votes to 34.

Sherrie, meanwhile, took 7 of 15 votes cast in the Working Families line. The other 8 went to a write-in bid.
If those write-ins all said "Mike Pillot," there could be a three-person race in November. Write-in votes will not be fully accounted for until double checked by the Board of Elections.

Following the vote tallies, McCaffrey said she looks "forward to a vigorous debate on the serious issues facing the city."

She expressed her pleasure over winning the minor party lines she was on today and said, "We’ve made great strides to put Lockport back on the right track, but there is much work to be done. I’m looking forward to campaigning and debating Mr. Sherrie on the issues and continuing to make Lockport a better place to live, work, visit and raise a family."

Calls to Sherrie and Pillot were not immediately returned.

In the Niagara County Legislature's 11th District, incumbent Tony Nemi kept the GOP line over challenger Russel DeFranco, 337 to 223. There were three write-ins in that race. Nemi also held the Independence line, 65 votes to 8 over a write-in challange.

In the 12th District Legislature seat, William J. Collins won the Conservative line over Dave Mongielo, 32-16 with zero write-in votes. Collins also took the Independence line over William Nye, 27 votes to 8.

Mongielo, reached after vote totals were announced, said Collins outworked him. Mongielo said he didn't have time to go door-to-door in the district.

In the 13th District, incumbent Keith McNall secured the GOP line over opponent Robert K. Drury 248 to 203 with 2 write-in votes.

Jamie Moxham will have the Green Party line in November, holding out over a write-in challenge 103 votes to 63.

Lockport City Treasurer Mike White also held the Conservative line 38-11 over a write-in challenge. Sue Mawhiney, however, took the Working Families line over White's write-in challenge, 10 votes to 3.

In the Alderman-at-Large race, Joe O'Shaughnessy took the Working Famlilies line 8-5 over a write-in challenge by incumbent Joe Kibler.

In Lockport's 1st Ward, Joe Oates won a three-person contest in the GOP primary over Shirley Nicholas and Jennifer D'Andrea-Terreri. Oates carried 99 votes to Nicholas' 28 and D'Andrea-Terreri's 21.

In the 3rd Ward, former firefighter Mark Devine took the GOP slot from incumbent Kitty Fogle, more than tripling her total, 123-35. There was one write-in vote in that race. Fogle was also bested on the Conservative line where a write-in challenge got 15 votes to her 8.

Devine said he was surprised to do so well because "Kitty is a formidable opponent." As to his strategy for victory, he said "knocked on a lot of doors and talked to a lot of people." He said he's going to continue to work hard towards the general election.

"We got a long ways to go to get the city on the right track, but I think we're headed there," Devine said. "We're all in this together. And the only way we're going to get out of it is together."

Attempts to reach Fogle were unsuccessful.

Lockport's 4th Ward saw David R. Wohleben best Eloise Campfield 86-33 on the GOP line. Wohleben also took the Conservative line 9 votes to 2 over a write-in challenge. In the Working Families contest, incumbent Pat Schrader needed only one vote to take the line in November.

In Hartland, three candidates each vied for two slots on six different lines. Joanne Sullivan and Lisa Trakas took the Democrat and Conservative lines. Sullivan and Brian Gross took the Republican, Independence, and Working Families lines. There were no votes on the Green Party line.

All results are unofficial until confirmed by the Niagara County Board of Elections.

Lockport Mayor
Democratic Party: Roger Sherrie / Mike Pillot
Conservative Party: Anne McCaffrey / OTB (write in)
Independence Party: Anne McCaffrey / OTB
Working Families Party: Roger Sherrie / OTB

Lockport Treasurer
Conservative Party: Mike White / OTB
Working Families Party: Sue Mawhiney / OTB

Lockport Alderman at Large
Working Families: Joseph O'Shaughnessy / OTB

Lockport First Ward
Republican Party: Shirley A. Nicholas / Joseph P. Oates / Jennifer O. D'Andrea-Terreri

Lockport Third Ward
Republican: Mark S. Devine / Kathryn "Kitty" Fogle
Conservative: Kathryn "Kitty" Fogle / OTB

Lockport Fourth Ward
Republican: David R. Wohleben / Eloise Marie Campfield
Conservative Party: David R. Wohleben / OTB
Working Families Party: Patrick W. Schrader / OTB

Hartland Town Justice
Democratic Party: Brian D. Gross / Lisa A. Trakas / Joanne L. Sullivan (vote for 2)
Republican Party: Brian D. Gross / Lisa A. Trakas / Joanne L. Sullivan (vote for 2)
Conservative Party: Brian D. Gross / Lisa A. Trakas / Joanne L. Sullivan (vote for 2)
Independence Party: Brian D. Gross / Lisa A. Trakas / Joanne L. Sullivan (vote for 2)
Green Party: Brian D. Gross / Lisa A. Trakas / Joanne L. Sullivan (vote for 2)
Working Families Party: Brian D. Gross / Lisa A. Trakas / Joanne L. Sullivan (vote for 2)

County Clerk
Working Families Party: Jamie R. Moxham / OTB

Niagara County Legislature 11th District
Republican Party: Russell J. DeFranco / Anthony J. Nemi
Independence Party: Anthony J. Nemi / OTB

Niagara County Legislature 12th District
Conservative Party: David J. Mongielo / William J. Collins, Sr.
Indepdendence Party: William O. Nye / William J. Collins, Sr.

Niagara County Legislature 13th District
Republican Party: Wm. Keith McNall / Robert K. Drury

NOTE: Story updated as new poll numbers came in. Story edited at 10:30 p.m. to add comments from David Mongielo, at 11:03 p.m. to add quotes from Mark Devine and at 11:27 p.m. to add quotes from Anne McCaffrey.

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