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Saturday, August 22, 2015

TOWN OF LOCKPORT — The Niagara County Sheriff's Office was called to Walmart on Tuesday after a woman yelled for someone to call police, believing that a man was following her out of the store.

The woman told patrol that the man had been following her around the store and was "staring at her in odd ways." When she went to exit, he continued to follow, she said, until she yelled for help, at which time he "went over to a display and started looking at items as if nothing was going on."

Walmart staff told patrol that the man, who had red facial hair and a cowboy hat, had been in the store for about an hour and was "acting in an odd manner following people around." When he left, he purchased only a few items, staff said.

Walmart staff, the female complainant and other bystanders "described him as 'creepy and weird.'"

The man left the store prior to patrols arrival, but based on video surveillance and the description of his vehicle, they were able to determine his identity. They checked Niagara County Jail records and found that he is on federal probation.

Patrol was to contact the feds in regards to the incident, but no charges were immediately filed.

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  1. If they start calling over every creepy weird guy at WalMart it will start being like 77 Main a fulltime job. Lol

  2. You got that right! Tons of creepy and weird folks out there nowadays!


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