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Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's Chicken BBQ day at the fair as the traditional fair BBQ made with Cornell’s famous sauce will be served from noon until they're gone at the food tent. The price per meal is $10, which includes half a chicken, corn on the cob, coleslaw, choice of beverage, and a dinner roll.

If BBQ isn't your thing, there's plenty more food to go around, like tacos, hot dogs, pizza, turkey legs, Italian sausage, chicken fingers, even seafood. And of course, there's plenty of tasty desserts to chase lunch of dinner down with.

Food vendors at the 2015 Niagara County Fair include:
  • Molinaros’s – Pizza, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, Roast Beef on Weck, French Fries, Chicken Wraps, Chicken Salad, Macaroni Salad
  • Boy Scout Troop #40 – Sno-Kone, Roast Beef, Pulled Pork, Salt Potatoes
  • Louie’s Pizza – Pizza & Cannoli
  • D & F Enterprises – Mexican Food (Taco, Burritos, Fajitas, Soft Pretzels, Nachos & Cheese, etc.) Curly Fries, Ribbon Fries, Steak & Cheese Sandwiches
  • Fowler’s Taffy – Taffy, Candy & Carmel Apples, Cotton Candy, Suckers, Cookies, etc.
  • The Meeting Place Rest. – Chicken Souvlaki, Gyro Pitas, Wraps, Chicken & Syro Salads
  • Dana Morrison – Roasted Nuts – Roasted Almonds/Cashews/Pecans/Peanuts
  • Niagara County Farm Bureau – Roasted Corn
  • Pop in Bob’s – Old Fashioned Kettle Corn
  • Renko’s Meat Processing – Homemade sausage, jerky/snack meats, smoked turkey legs, salt potatoes
  • Taylor’s Coffee Bean Café – Cookies, Blondie’s, Éclairs, Frozen Caps, Coffees, Hot-Iced Tea’s, Hot Cocoa, Cappuccino, etc.
  • Taylor’s Doughboy – Doughboys, Funnel Cakes, Sugar Waffles, Deep Fried Twinkies, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Frozen Lemonade, etc.
  • 5 Hogs BBQ – BBQ pulled pork & pizza slices
  • Reid’s II – Chicken Fingers, Straight cut fries, corn dogs, and slushies
  • Mark & Ellen McTyere Blooming Onion – Blooming Onions, nachos & cheese, French fries, corn dogs, mozzarella stick
  • David’s Concessions – Fresh Squeezed lemonade, fresh brewed iced tea
  • Mineo & Sapio – Mineo & Sapio Italian Sausage, Capicola and provolone stuffed sausage, chicken Italian sausage
  • Jewel of India – Indian Cuisine – Chicken Makani with rice, Saagpaneer with rice, Alumater Samuda
  • Eastern Pearl – Oriental – Asian/Chinese Food, Egg rolls, crab wonton, General Tso & Rice Walnut Shrimp, Lo Mein, Duck Wrap, Avocado fries
  • Wilson Enterprise – Fried Dough, Fried Oreo, Funnel Cakes
  • The Chinese Waffle Egg Company – Chinese Waffle Eggs

The full fair schedule for today includes:

9 a.m. 4-H Western Horse Show – HA
10 a.m. 4-H Beef Showmanship & Show – SR
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 4-H Rabbit/Cavy Showmanship – RB
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pie Kitchen – TC
11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Milk Bar Sales – MI
11 a.m. Pack Goat Obstacle Course Demonstration – Between MI & CO
11:30 a.m. Bicycle Rodeo (sign up) — BR
Noon WKBW live broadcast — PV
Noon Chicken Barbecue sponsored by Cornerstone CFCU – FT
Noon 4-H Goat Product Contest – TC
12:30 p.m. Bicycle Rodeo — BR
1 p.m. 4-H Western Dressage & Trail – HA
1 p.m. SNAP Ed Local Foods Demo – MB
1:30 p.m. K9s in Flight – Near the MI
2 p.m. Squawk! Vegas Birds Show – SS
2 p.m. Working Goat Show – SR
2:30 p.m. FREE 4-H Activities for Kids – TC
3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Celtic Circle Ceilidh Band –FCS
3 p.m. Squawk! Vegas Birds Show – SS
3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Mix96 – PV
3 p.m. Niagara County Sheriff K9 Demo – PV
4 p.m. SNAP Ed Local Foods Demo – MB
4 p.m. Milking Demonstration – CO
4:30 p.m. Bicycle Rodeo (sign up) — BR
4:30 p.m. K9s in Flight – Near the MI
5 p.m. WKBW live broadcast – PV
5 p.m. Gardening Hot Topics Q & A — GH
5 p.m. Caribbean Extravaganza – MS
5 p.m. Squawk! Vegas Birds Show – SS
5 p.m. 4-H Sheep Showmanship & Show – SR
5:30 p.m. Bicycle Rodeo — BR
6 p.m. Mounted Games – HA
6 p.m. WKBW live broadcast— PV
6 p.m. Niagara County Sheriff’s K9 Demo – PV
6 p.m. Magic and Comedy Show – SS
6:30 p.m. FREE 4-H Activities for Kids – TC
7 p.m. Careers in Agriculture — MB
7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Craig Wilkins- FCS
7:30 p.m. K9s in Flight – Near the MI
8 p.m. Magic and Comedy Show – SS

MS = Main Stage         
FCS = Food Court Stage      
SS = Show Stage
FO = Fair Office          
GH = Greenhouse                 
HA = Horse Area
RB = Rabbit Barn        
MB = Merchants Bldg.          
TC = Training Center
LB = Livestock Barn   
GB = Goat Barn                    
MI = 4-H Milk Bar
SR = Show Ring         
PV = Pavement                    
FT = Food Tent
CO = Coliseum          
BR = Bike Rodeo

For more information on the Niagara County Fair, visit the fair's website. For updates on the Niagara County Fair, check the "Niagara County Fair" tab on East Niagara Post regularly.

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