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Saturday, August 22, 2015

From left, Margaret Brant and Ruthy Warda, both of Newfane, will walk 
across New York in September to raise money for Lockport CARES.
A pair of Newfane women will walk from Lockport to Albany beginning Sept. 1 in order to raise money for Lockport CARES.

Margaret Brant, 71, and Ruthy Warda, 53, plan to make the 400-plus mile trek over the course of about 25 days to raise funds for the homeless shelter.

Ruthy, originally from Costa Rica, has walked some of the worlds most beautiful places: Kilamajero and Macchu Pichu to name a couple. She even walked 540 miles on a single trip in Spain.

"We wanted to choose a good cause, someplace where others really benefit," the pair said. "We are honored and humbled to help."

The two will carry only 9 - 14 pounds each, including a small backpack with only one change of clothes — about the same amount of belongings brought in by many of those helped by the homeless shelter.

They will depart for their epic journey at 6 a.m. Sept 1. from the parking area next to Cold Springs Bridge.

Donations can be made in person at the "Up the Lake Shop," weekends in September, located on the Olcott boardwalk or online at using a credit card or PayPal.

They will ride a train back from Albany at the end of September.

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