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Thursday, August 6, 2015

BUFFALO — With the Niagara County Fair underway and the Erie County fair just around the corner, the Better Business Bureau suggests care in buying from out-of-town vendors and sellers.

The company says you can check before heading out or from any smartphone while at the fair and remember the following guidelines:

  • Before buying, know the company's refund and exchange policy. Get the policy in writing, if possible.
  • Know where the company is located. Obtain the company's physical location and telephone number, in case you need to return or exchange an item after the event. 
  • If at all possible, shop around first. Keep in mind, however, that the least expensive item may not always be the best value. If you are making a large purchase, don't be afraid to leave the fairgrounds to do some research. 
  • Don't be pressured to buy on the spot. After the demonstration or sales pitch, walk away from the sales person to give yourself some time to think about the purchase. 
  • Ask the vendor if a sale price will be honored after the fair or event. If so, you will not feel pressured to purchase the item "on the spot."
  • Know the limits of the "cooling-off rule." It's important to note that the FTC’s "Cooling-off Rule," which allows people three days to cancel a purchase, does not apply to the following purchases at fairs: Purchases under $25, insurance, securities, or real estate, motor vehicles, or arts and crafts.

To find more trusted advice and alerts, follow the Better Business Bureau on Twitter and Facebook.

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