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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

BARKER — YMCA Camp Kenan and the Olcott Yacht Club Junior Sailing program are teaming up to provide sailing programming for the campers at YMCA Camp Kenan.

Luke Kantor, director of YMCA Camp Kenan, and Jourdan Morgan, director of Sailing Programs for Olcott Yacht Club Junior Sailing, have been working together to provide new opportunities for their respective campers throughout the summer. At least three times throughout the summer of 2015, the Junior Sailing fleet consisting of 10 sail boats (420s) will be sailing from Olcott Harbor to YMCA Camp Kenan. The Junior Sailing instructors and campers will then provide the sailing experience for an afternoon to the campers ages 9-17.

On July 21, August 4, and August 18, thanks to the OYC Junior Sailing program, YMCA Camp Kenan will be able to offer sailing for the first time ever to their campers. The Junior Sailors will also get the opportunity to experience some of the programming offered by YMCA Camp Kenan such as rock climbing, archery, and more.

“We are excited to be able to now offer sailing to our campers at YMCA Camp Kenan. It will be a great addition to our programming. Working together to benefit both of our program’ participants is exciting,” says Kantor.

The Olcott Yacht Club Junior Sailing began in the 1940s and offers several levels of instruction taught with an emphasis on safety, fun, sportsmanship, cooperation, and competition.  All classes are taught by US Sailing and American Red Cross certified instructors. “Our sailing club uses the US Sailing Association format that offers several years of developmental skills in sailing, theory, timing, balance, racing and seamanship. I think this partnership will grow and we are also looking forward to having our sailors participate in these new camp activities too,” says Morgan. Classes are kept small with a student/teacher ratio of less than 10:1.

Acceptance into the program is on a first come/first served basis and is open to the public and membership, ages 7 to 18. The Junior Sailing program offers four two-week sessions throughout the summer.

For more information or to register for the Olcott Yacht Club Junior Sailing program, visit their website: or call the Olcott Yacht Club at 778-5915. For more information or to register for any programs at YMCA Camp Kenan, visit their website: or call YMCA Camp Kenan at 795-3031.

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