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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Roger Sherrie
Former Mayor Tom Rotondo will serve as honorary chairman of the election committee behind the mayoral campaign of Roger Sherrie.

Sherrie, a Democrat with the backing of the Working Families Party said he first met Rotondo in the late 1970s.” It was after college and I was a volunteer working the campaign headquarters of first term Congressman John LaFalce. One morning Tom, and another Lockport democrat Ray Degan, walked into headquarters. I sat there as a brash 20-something, with a degree in Political Science who thought I knew so much about politics and government. Turns out, I had much to learn and Tom Rotondo was a patient teacher. It was the start of a friendship that has lasted 35 years.”

Sherrie, who served as president of the city’s Parks Board and chair of the city’s Citizens Advisory Committee during the Rotondo administration, said Rotondo holds a record in Lockport politics that may never be beaten.

“I believe he is the only Mayor to be re-elected to office 5 times; and that’s after serving 14 years as 8th Ward Alderman. I do know he is one of the four democrats to hold this office since 1960,” Sherrie said in a press release issued this afternoon. “I don’t recall Tom ever making a decision based purely on politics or acting with any type of personal agenda. No doubt there were tough times and he made some difficult decisions. He was not always the most popular politician in the city. But he was re-elected 12 times because voters knew he cared about them and they respected him. That’s not a bad legacy for any politician to have."

Rotondo said he is "honored to lend my name and my support to Roger’s campaign. It didn’t take me long after meeting Roger to know that he was bright, articulate and passionate about the City of Lockport."

The former mayor said his "fondest memory of Roger has nothing to do with politics or city government. It was my privilege to marry Roger and his wife Mollie in a small council chambers ceremony. I watched as his children were born, as his career took him away from city politics and now as he tries to make Lockport great once again. I whole-heartedly endorse Roger Sherrie as the next Mayor of Lockport."

Sherrie is running against Michael J. Pillot in a Democratic primary, the winner of which will face incument Mayor Anne McCaffrey, who is running on the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines. It could be a three-way general election if Pillot were to win the Democratic line, as Sherrie has the Working Families Party endorsement.

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