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Saturday, July 4, 2015
By +Scott Leffler

Despite a professionally run fireworks show taking place in front of them, some attendees to tonight's City of Lockport fireworks at Outwater Park felt they needed to supplement the $7,500 show by setting off fireworks of their own. It nearly ended in disaster.

As the official fireworks display neared its grand finale, some fireworks being set off by an attendee accidentally exploded on the ground in a crowd of people, scaring those nearby, but not causing any serious injury.

Lockport police officers responded to the scene immediately, first ensuring that no one was injured and then searching for whoever set off the fireworks — unsuccessfully.

Someone in the crowd could be heard yelling, "they shouldn't have been made legal."

Police attended to some other matters at Outwater Park, including one woman who was too intoxicated to stand on her own — but no charges were filed as of when the crowd began to disburse.

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