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Thursday, July 2, 2015
Tiger Lillies. Check. (JESSICA CASSICK / ENP 
The days grow shorter and the smiles are many. This summer is really panning out to be spectacular. For many people, they spend their days inside and bored with little ideas of how to make their summers more exciting. Might I recommend a Bucket List?

The biggest thing that I am noticing is how perceptive I am becoming. With this huge list to charge through, any one of these things can unexpectedly show up in a day as something that can be accomplished.

After a random suggestion from someone while I was out, I went to check out CW’s Pub and Grill, located at 392 Ohio Street in the city of Lockport. This is actually where Fitzgerald’s use to be. I highly recommend the Buffalo Fries. These are the good kind of smothered fries that you may not want to share.

Since the start of this list I also tried out a place up Transit Road known as Pizza Plant. It is located at 7770 Transit Road in Williamsville. I actually went in because in my head I read Pizza Planet and thought it would be cool to try the pizza place out of Toy Story, but alas my eyes deceived me. It was a very interesting. I went with my son, whom is three years old. Any parents out there know how hard it is to find restaurants suitable for the liking of a toddler.

Upon entering they gave me a cup with what looked like pizza dough in it. They did not explain it, so I honestly thought they must not know they misplaced this dough, and thought less of the place before the waitress told me as I was leaving that they do that for the children to play with like it was Playdough. It suddenly all made sense.

Not only do they give the children pizza dough to play with they also have a gluten-free menu on Wednesdays, after 4 p.m. This menu consists of things like: Spinachoke dip, nachos, pizza, and many more plus another portion that is Vegan Friendly. It was a really nice atmosphere.

Mommy approved.

On another note, I have had another request from someone to try this Bubble Tea everyone is talking about. Conveniently, Pulp 716, just last week celebrated their Grand Opening. This is where I will go to find said Bubble Tea. I am not sure how I feel about it, but it has officially been added to the Bucket List.

This leads into Wednesday’s kickball game: Team ENP vs. Team City Hall / LPD. It was absolutely exhilarating. It ended up being a tie game, but we all know Team ENP blew everyone away. In all honesty, when I heard we were also playing LPD, I got a bit nervous; nevertheless, we gave them a great game. I did not want the game to end. It would be nice to challenge the RealtyUSA Lockport office ... that would be interesting.

Every week the things that I am doing are blowing my mind. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it means the world to me.

+Jessica Cassick would like to think she did a bit more then terrify the opposing team during the kickball game, but she won’t make any promises. If you would like to give her any suggestions of things to add to her list, you can mail her at

ENP Intern Jessica Cassick, right, stands on third base Wednesday during the Team ENP / Team City Hall kickball game. "Play kickball" was on Jessica's summer Bucket List. Now she wants to play more. (SCOTT LEFFLER / ENP STAFF)

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