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Friday, July 10, 2015
This week has gone a bit slow due to illness and injuries. Cortisone shots have been slowing my list down. This last time; however, my arm is starting to feel so much better so I have many things I will be planning in this next week.

I visited a place in Orchard Park called Zebb’s Grill and Bar, located at: 3349 Southwestern Blvd in Orchard Park. The paper many of you many get, usually on Saturday’s with the Tops add, sometimes has coupons to this place. On Sunday, which is the day I went to check out this deal, kids eat free. The catch
is one child eats free per one paying adult.

It is a nice kids menu. It can get pretty loud. I think they have a specific side that families with children go to. My son was acting a bit rambunctious with his cousin and the waitress didn’t even bat an eye. She said, “Oh we are completely used to this. If no one is getting hurt, all is well. Don’t worry.”

Mommy approved.

Outside of checking things off for this week, I have a request to put cafes in in its own category and I had them pick a number because it was their suggestion. Thus, I have added “Visit 5 Cafes,” to the list. It makes me very happy to have people interact with, no matter who they are, and ask me to try new things too. I have no problem making my list bigger. Keep the suggestions coming.

Jessica takes time out from not feeling well to help judge
the Taste of Lockport on Sunday. (ENP STAFF PHOTO)
On Sunday, even though I wasn’t feeling top shelf, I still managed to attend Taste of Lockport, which was amazing for it being my first time there. I, honestly, thought to myself so many times how crazy it was that I never really knew much about it before. I was a judge for Best Appetizer, and Best Sweet Sip.

I am so glad I arrived with an empty stomach. The food was great and I am giving a shout out now to the
places that made the Bang Bang Shrimp, and the Stuffed and deep fryer pepper. These were my favorites  and I need to find you. Although, Collard greens won out entirely across the board.

It was a fantastic time, and I am so happy that I got to be involved. The people watching alone was pretty great. I am one of those people that likes to stand on the outside of a crazy crowd and just watch everybody go about their business like no one is watching…only…I am…

This is probably why I have this list, because have turned into a watcher and not a doer, but not this year. This list is great and I am happy I get to share the progress with you.

I also attended ArtPark on Tuesday to see Blondie and Melissa Etheridge. It was a great show. I have the dilemma of checking it off my list as one band, or checking off two on my list and being done faster. I am checking off one because they were together.

The night ended up waiting to pour until Etheridge came out for her encore. It sprinkled most of the show, and it was great to see that even in the pouring rain 75% of the fans stayed to watch, and dance in the rain.

Overall this week was pretty great! Like I say every week, it just keeps getting better and better.

+Jessica Cassick is the only one who would walk across the fire for you. Email her new suggestions at

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