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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Roger Sherrie
Roger Sherrie, Democrat candidate for Lockport mayor, announced this evening that he has received the backing of the Working Families Party.

Sherrie released a statement on the endorsement, which follows in its entirety.
I am extremely honored to have received this important endorsement. I have spent the better part of my life fighting for or protecting the interests of working Americans. The wealthy and the well connected have plenty of politicians looking out for them, but the average voter is mostly left to fend for themselves. I intend to change that if elected Mayor in November making sure every ward receives its fair share of city services."

“Over half of the city’s households live on less than $40,000 annually. Lockport’s middle class is struggling just trying to pay their bills, raise and educate their children and care for elderly parents. The next mayor has a duty to represent everyone fairly and fight for change that helps all parts of our society. I think the Working Families endorsement recognizes my commitment.”

Sherrie faces announced democrat candidate for Mayor Mike Pillot in a September 10th primary but will appear on the Working Families line on November’s ballot regardless.

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