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Monday, June 15, 2015

An organization calling itself Save ENH is calling for the removal of the administration at Eastern Niagara Health System.

The group, which has petitions out demanding the ENH board make changes, will hold its next public meeting with the nursing staff of ENH at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the UAW Hall on Walnut Street.

Attendees are encouraged to bring filled in petitions to the meeting to show support for the cause. The wording of the petitions, which are available to print from the group's Facebook page, follows below in its entirety. The petitions are also available to sign electronically at That electronic petition has 225 signatures.
We, the undersigned believe that the current Board and Administration of ENH are incapable of:
1. Developing and implementing policies and programs that put patient and care giver safety first
2. Successfully managing ENH resources, ensuring that our life saving system continues to exist
3. Attracting, developing and retaining additional doctors, nurses and staff
We the undersigned demand that the current administration be replaced with one that can:
1. Put patient safety first
2. Ensure the safety of the healthcare staff
3. Collaborate with strategic staff leadership, allowing them strong voices to improve standards and have a more significant impact across the entire health care system.
• If the current board members cannot accomplish this, we request that they resign and make way for those that can.

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