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Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Engineers checked the F&M building a week ago to determine if it was safe to re-open Locust Street. A week later, the street remains closed. (SCOTT LEFFLER / ENP STAFF)

By +Scott Leffler

Lockport developer Elmer Granchelli was told by Lockport city officials that if he wouldn't make Locust Street safe to reopen, they'd do it for him — and send him a bill.

According to City Attorney John Ottaviano, the city sent Granchelli Development a letter earlier this week telling him he had until today to make plans to put up scaffolding to the west of the F&M Building, where several pieces of rock fell into the sidewalk and onto Locust Street late in the evening on June 7.

Ottaviano said Granchelli got in touch with the city immediately after getting the letter. "We did send them a letter and said that this requires your immediate attention. ... They called immediately and spoke to (Chief Building Inspector) Jason (Dool).

Ottaviano said Granchelli's office was working today to get estimates for the scaffolding, said to cost around $15,000. Because of the fallen stones, the scaffolding must be able to bear the weight of anything else that might fall to prevent it from falling into the street again, should any more stone come loose.

Fortunately, when the stone originally fell 10 days ago, no one was injured.

Attempts to reach a representative from Granchelli's office were unsuccessful.


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