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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I read ENP’s report on Anne McCaffrey’s campaign for mayor of the city of Lockport. The daughter of the successful and respected Ulrich Sign Company, Anne personally achieved distinction as a candidate and councilwoman for our city. I just don’t think the good old West End boys knew what they had coming in this astute spitfire.

Since suddenly taking over for the Man-We-Won’t-Name in the mayor’s office, McCaffrey went to work creating workable programs and smart solutions. She quickly stopped the “Lockport undone” legacy of her predecessor.

Anne McCaffrey, mayor of Lockport: a future of forwardness without empty buildings, downtown and houses in foreclosure, uptown.

Everything, Lockportians, that happens, or doesn’t happen on your street in the next four years is up to how you vote. Anne, achievement, yes. Or ________________, ? Vote for McCaffrey, not for (blank).


— Brandon M. Stickney is a Lockport resident

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