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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TOWN OF LOCKPORT — A $1.32 transaction Monday afternoon at Walmart resulted in a net loss of $150 for the store when a quick change artist fooled an unwitting cashier.

According to the NCSO arrest report, the con man purchased the $1.32 item, paying with a $50 bill.

After he received his change he handed the cashier eight to nine bills for the $50 bill he originally gave. The cashier handed him the $50 bill and he handed her one more bill. The cashier counted the money he had handed to her for the fifty and handed him one bill back and set the money on top of the register.

The cashier then removed five $20 bills and gave it to the customer, who then pointed to the money on top of the register. The cashier counted that money and exchanged that money on the register for the money he handed her. He then returned to her the five $20 bills she had given him, which she set on top of the register and in turn handed him $100.

The total amount taken by the quick change artist was $150. He then left with an unknown male in a white four-door sedan. Walmart staff was able to identify the con man to NCSO by a bulletin they received about him performing this scam. Walmart staff provided patrol with statements, video evidence, and the bulletin about him. Walmart wished to pursue charges against him. Patrol secured all evidence and submitted them to the Town of Lockport Court for a warrant request. Patrol will follow up and attempt to get in contact with him.

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