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Monday, March 23, 2015
This photo of black bear was snapped around 7:30 p.m. on Day Road in Wrights Corners. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO)


WRIGHTS CORNERS — A bear was spotted — and photographed — this evening on Day Road just north of Slayton Settlement Road.

The photo was snapped around 7:30 p.m. as the bear was on the west side of Day Road about a mile north of Slayton Settlement, according to the passing motorist who then shared it on Facebook.

It "acted kind of lethargic and just meandered off as we drove (very slowly) towards it," said the motorist, who shared it with ENP.

Niagara County Sheriff's dispatch also received a call this morning from a Day Road resident about the bear.

There were several bear spottings in Western New York in 2014 including one in Pendleton.

ENP Columnist Bob Confer says that black bears are not to be feared.

"Despite their size, teeth and claws they are relatively docile. Black bear attacks are extremely rare," Confer said in a column from August.


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  1. Probably will not bother us but the police will probably shoot it...

  2. police will for sure shoot it, any chance they get to shoot something that didnt bother anyone they will. its the sad truth. the bear isnt bothering anyone so let it live! they wanna live here in NY whats wrong with that? if they are docile and attacks are rare let them live in peace

  3. Not a big deal. Just keep your garbage in your garage and look before you walk out of your house. Not quite the horror people want to make it out to be. People in Vermont, New Hampshire, & Maine survive just fine around bears. I've camped for years in bear areas & have probably 25-30 encounters. Just be smart and you're fine.


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