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Saturday, February 21, 2015
BY +Scott Leffler

Transit Drive-In owner Rick Cohen nears
Savannah, Ga. in his walk from Florida to
New Jersey. Cohen is raising money for
an Ohio drive-in to purchase a digital
Transit Drive-In owner Rick Cohen expects to enter Savannah, Ga. today on his 1,034-mile walk from Florida to New Jersey.

Cohen is trying to raise $60,000 through a GoFundMe effort to help the Auto-Vue Drive-In purchase a digital projector, lest the Sidney, Ohio drive-in go dark.

So far, he's walked over 250 miles in two weeks of what he expects to be a six-week journey. He's visited a pair of drive-ins along the way and run into numerous friendly faces, including some from right here in Lockport. His fundraising efforts have nearly reached the $7,000 mark as of this morning.

Cohen is cataloguing his journey on a few different medium, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a website created just for the trip.

Cohen spoke of his progress on the Transit Drive-In Facebook page Friday night. His post follows in its entirety:
Saturday marks the beginning of day 15, and the third week of my 1,034 mile journey, which I've dubbed Drive-In Rescue. So far, we've raised almost $7,000 toward the $60,000 goal, with many more pledges from people who are donating by the mile, and just waiting until the finish line to make their donations all at once.

For anyone counting the miles, I've hiked over 250 miles so far, from Kissimmee, Florida, to Midway, Georgia. There's still a long way left to go! Physically, I'm holding up well. My feet are sore at the end of each day, and I have a mild sprain in my right ankle, but otherwise I'm feeling great. Mentally, the initial excitement from the first few days has worn off, and I go through each mile with wonderment combined with grim determination, listening to podcasts and music while thinking within my head and grinding out the miles.

So far I've visited two great drive-ins along my route, in Ocala, Florida, and Jesup, Georgia. In a few more days I'll be visiting the Hwy 21 in Bufort, South Carolina. Seeing these wonderful drive-ins and meeting their owners is a great thrill which helps keep me motivated, as well as reading all the encouraging comments from people following my journey through Facebook and Twitter.

Watching the donations come through each day on the crowd funding page also helps keep my spirits high, as the purpose of this 1,034 mile walk is to raise enough funds to rescue a drive-in from closing. Just like the walking, I've come a long way, but there's still a long way left to go. Thank you for all your contributions, and for following along with me on this journey!


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