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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Three men upset that a police vehicle had its emergency lights on in front of a Van Buren Street man’s home on Friday night each ended up riding in one to the police station.

Robb L. Watkins, 24, 22 Van Buren St., Apt. 3, had opened a second-floor window of his home and shouted obsenities at police while they were in the middle of a traffic stop in front of his home.

At the same time, Thomas G. Sternin, 26, 148 ½ William St., Apt. 3, Tonawanda, walked out of the house and in front of the police car shouting obsenities, as well. He was given several warnings to stop then arrested for disorderly conduct. While in the back of the patrol car, Sternin began to strike the windows of the car and had to be subdued with o/c spray, the report says.

Meanwhile, Mark D. Sternin Jr., also of 148 ½ William St., Apt. 3, Tonawanda, walked out of the Van Buren Street home and used obscene and abusive language with patrol. Mark Strernin resisted arrest and had to be subdued with a TASER, according to police.

While patrol were handing the Sternins, Watkins came out of the home, still using obscene and abusive language. He was detained and charged with disorderly conduct, as well.

The three were transported to LPD where a glass jar was found on Watkins. It contained “a green leafy substance,” which field tested positive for marijuana and was sent to NCSO for testing. Watkins was charged with possession of marijuana in addition to disorderly conduct, for which he will answer to in City Court on Wednesday.

Thomas Sternin, once at LPD, was reported to spit on an officer and throw water and toilet paper all over the floor. He is due in City Court on Wednesday to answer to second-degree harassment charges, as well as resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, unlawful possession of marijuana and two counts of second-degree obstruction of government administration.

Mark Sternin’s charges include resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and second-degree obstruction of government administration. His court date is also Wednesday.

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  1. No respect for anything or anybody. Nice, and to think they will or are already a parent that will most likely grow up with the same attitude.


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