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Monday, January 19, 2015

CAMBRIA — Niagara County Sheriff's deputies say tens of thousands of dollars worth of copper was stolen from a Lockport Road business. Left in its place was a forklift that shouldn't have been there.

Niagara County Sheriff's deputies say the forklift appears to match the description of one that was reported stolen from a Newfane storage facility two weeks ago. It was found overturned on its side with a damaged fuel line. The green/yellow Komatsu forklift, which was secured by NCSO for evidence testing, was removed from the scene by Harrington's Towing for indoor storage.

Missing, however, were several pallets full of scrap copper worth an estimated $80,000. The owner of the business says the large gauge copper power transmission wire went missing sometime between 3 p.m. Thursday and 12:58 p.m. Saturday. It had been stored in a large steel shipping container at the business. The locks securing the container's doors had been removed and were not located. The door had been found left open with multiple pallets of the scrap copper wire missing. One of the pallets had been moved outside, but not taken.

Patrol noted that the warehouse building was equipped with external security cameras that seemed to be tilted at odd angles, mostly upward. Further investigation is pending.

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