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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Joe Jastrzemski
WHEATFIELD—Niagara County Clerk candidate Joe Jastrzemski won the backing of the Niagara County Republican Party’s executive committee Monday.

“Joe Jastrzemski represents the very best that the Republican Party has to offer,” said Niagara County GOP Chairman James Heuer, who stepped into his new role Monday night as well. “Joe has a record of results: taxes down 10 percent since he’s been in office, shared services that save taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars annually, and a town government that was scolded for maintaining its infrastructure too well the last time it was audited by the Albany politicians. We’re proud Joe Jastrzemski is carrying the Republican banner countywide.”

Heuer was referring to a 2014 audit by the New York State Comptroller’s Office that criticized the Town of Wilson for re-striping nearly all of its roads on an annual basis, rather than letting them fall into disrepair first.

Jastrzemski is seeking the office currently held by longtime County Clerk Wayne F. Jagow, who announced last week that he was stepping down at the end of his term.

Heuer called Jagow “a legendary force for effective government.” The Niagara County Clerk oversees real estate transactions, veterans’ services, pistol permits, passport services, the county historian’s office, and the local DMV branches.

“Wayne Jagow is a tough act to follow. In Joe Jastrzemski, though, we have the right leader for that task,” Heuer said. “Joe stands for small government and big results, and does the job the way people here in Niagara County want it done. He’s been an extraordinarily effective supervisor for Wilson, and he will bring that same winning leadership, small-town wisdom, and work ethic to the Clerk’s Office.”

Jastrzemski, meanwhile, has spent the past few days reaching out to the GOP’s town and city chairmen, seeking input on the expectations of the local GOP rank-and-and file as he prepares to run for the county’s top elected post.

“Joe Jastrzemski will keep the Niagara County Clerk’s Office first-rate, because he listens,” Heuer said.

Jastrzemski is the only announced candidate for the county-wide post for the November election.

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