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Sunday, January 25, 2015

WRIGHTS CORNERS — An unknown man tried to cash a rebate check at Tops Friday evening, telling the teller that the person the check was made out to had signed it over to him.

The customer service representative at Tops told the man repeatedly that he could not cash the check because it wasn't his. And she didn't buy his story that the woman whose name was on the check had signed it over to him because it was her aunt.

After being denied repeatedly the unknown man walked around the store a few times but left before Niagara County Sheriff's deputies had arrived.

When patrol showed up, they spoke with the teller, as well as the aunt, who said she had been waiting on the check to arrive in the mail and had not given any else permission to cash it, let alone sign it over to someone else.

Police were checking surveillance tape to see if they could get an identity of the suspect.

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