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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Assemblywoman Jane Corwin said the ideas presented in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address are "a very ambitious plan" but said the speech lacked details on how to pay for the programs he's outlined.

Corwin, R-Clarence, said his proposal to raise minimum wage will be detrimental to small businesses. She said in a press release, however, that she was "intrigued" by his ideas for education reform.

Corwin's statement follows in its entirety:
The governor has laid out a very ambitious plan; it raises very real questions, however, about how New Yorkers will be able to afford to pay for these programs as well as questions regarding the potential dividends of these proposed investments. For example, his plan to increase minimum wage will only hurt small businesses that are just barely staying afloat through this economic turnaround. We need broad tax cuts and less regulation so businesses can hire more employees, give pay increases and grow the economy one job at a time.

I am however very intrigued and hopeful of many of the education reforms proposed in the Governor’s agenda. I believe that we should provide teachers with all of the tools of training and support they need to best educate our children, in addition to incentivizing teachers that excel in the classroom.

We need this governor to deliver on his promises to our community, not the promises he made last fall to his New York City campaign donors. We need to get government out of the way of private-sector job creation, we need to cut the cost on local governments and schools, and allow Western New Yorkers to keep more of their paycheck.

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