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Saturday, January 31, 2015

NEWFANE — A bullet hole was found by a county employee in the side of the building where the county Board of Elections stores its voting machines.

The county employee reported the finding to Niagara County Sheriff's deputies on Wednesday, saying it must have happened sometime between Nov. 8 and Wednesday afternoon.

Patrol noted that the hole was approximately 4.5 feet off the ground and looked in the direction that the bullet appeared to be heading. Patrol noticed another hole on the interior wall of the building, believed to also be from the bullet after it came through the exterior wall and continued to the interior wall. Patrol checked the other side of the interior wall, and no hole was present. It is believed that the bullet is still in the interior wall.

The county employee told patrol that no damage was done to anything other than the exterior and interior walls. She estimated the total damage to be approximately $250.

Patrol advised all parties on location to notify NCSO if any other holes are found.

The case is considered closed pending new information.

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