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Thursday, November 27, 2014
Fire crews prepare to enter the Niagara County Jail this afternoon, ready for anything. In the end, they found no fire. (PHOTOS BY STEPHEN M. WALLACE / CONTRIBUTOR)


South Lockport's new A8 bucket truck arrives at the Niagara County Jail
this afternoon for a report of a fire in the ducts of POD 2.
TOWN OF LOCKPORT — Multiple fire companies responded this afternoon to the Niagara County Jail for reports of a fire in the duct work at POD 2.

Volunteers from Wrights Corners, Cambria and South Lockport fire companies were called the the jail around 12:55 as supervisors in the correctional facility began an evacuation plan for POD 2 and patrol cars were called in to set a perimeter around the jail in case any further problems arose.

The crews, not knowing what they had at first, entered the jail prepared for anything — with ladder, axes, special tools, and heat seeking thermal cameras — checking the building from top to bottom. Meanwhile, South Lockport's A8 bucket truck set up to provide a safe ascent and descent point.

The scene was cleared around 2:25 p.m. with no fire having been found. Jail and fire officials believe the possible cause was a smoke issue when the heat was turned on at the facility.

NCSO patrols guard the perimeter of the jail, a safety precaution in case the fire led to other incidents.

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