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Saturday, October 18, 2014
Some of the 78 kids who tried out for Rapunzel perform at their auditions at the Kenan Center Monday. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS)


Seventy-eight children tried out for parts in Rapunzel at the Kenan Center on Monday night. Many of them will be performing their roles today at Lockport High School.

Two performances are planned — one at 3 p.m. and one at 7 p.m. Admission is $7 at the door; children 2 and under are free. The performances are a result of a week-long residency offered by the Kenan Center in partnership with the Missoula Children’s Theatre. This is the 12th year the Kenan Center has brought the nationally renowned touring company to Lockport.

The cast includes:
Lots of kids ...

  • Cammi Runfola 
  • Maddie Kelly 
  • Alex Milsten
  • Grant Cole
  • Micah Seiler
  • Evan Cole
  • Austin Poole
  • Missy Outin
  • Mikalah Foster
  • Lilly Anna Emmert
  • Autumn Poole
  • Megan Hammond
  • Hannah Scofill
  • Ella Tower
  • Laena Irwin
  • Charis Foster

  • Rebecca Milsten
  • Lila Scofill
  • Rachel Renna
  • Kelly Weidel
  • Jillian Rohde
  • Sarah Renna
  • Taylor Parker

  • Solomon Schmidt
  • Jonathon Fahmer
  • Erika Patrick
  • Logan Cole
  • Carrisa Halloch
  • Ruth Scofill 
  • Tyler Beback

  • Caitlin Kelly
  • Mary Tanner
Papa Bear - Ryan Cole
Mama Bear - Sarah Outten
Baby Bear - Elisabeth Hopkins
Bucky Beaver - Joshua Fahmer
Billy Goats Gruff 

  • Liam Ellwood
  • Loren Wulf 
  • Emma Syracuse

  • Leah Weidel 
  • Anna Nilsson 
  • Brynn Wittcop 
  • Romiah Starks

  • Mason Seiler 
  • Carissa Clarcq
Potato - Kay Seiler
Wood Elves

  • Anna Seiler
  • Christina Henry 
  • Sarah Wekenmann 
  • Sarah Syracuse 
  • Madeleine Myers
  • Sierra King 
  • Olivia Mann 
  • Faith Kilroy
Monique - Courtney Nowacki
Maurice - Sam Halloch
Troll - Reenie James
Prince #1 - Will Briggs
Prince #2 - Nick Preskop
Tower Rapunzel - Melanie Morgan
Room Rapunzel - Alyssa Cole
Madame Gothel - Cecelia Schmidt
Assistant Director -  Karen Nilsson
MCT Actor/Directors:
Frenchy - Allison Epperson
Director - Brian Epperson

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