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Friday, October 10, 2014

HARTLAND — A pair of pit bulls killed four alpacas Wednesday morning at the Creek Ridge Alpaca Farm, 9011 Ridge Road, before being killed themselves by a Niagara County Sheriff's deputy.

NCSO responded to the farm around 9:09 a.m. Wednesday, having gotten a report that two pit bulls were in the animal enclosure at the alpaca farm. Patrol was informed prior to arrival that the dogs had already killed three alpacas, and were attacking a fourth. When they arrived, patrol saw two pit bulls actively pursuing a white alpaca in the northern most animal enclosure.

"Based on the circumstance that the dogs killed three alpacas, the distance away from patrol and concerns for my personal safety, a request was made to the shift supervisor (Sgt. Mack) to utilize the patrol carbines to neutralize the animals," the NCSO report says. "Permission was granted by the supervisor if the action could be done in a safe manner. Eventually, Patrol deployed the police carbine, fired two rounds (one at each dog) to the north area of the property."

The dogs were both brown in color and one had black "tiger stripe" markings on it.

"The dogs, still pursuing another animal in the northern enclosure, were shot and hit by patrol. The dog with the tiger stripe markings immediately left the alpaca enclosure and ran northerly. The second dog ran southwest through several of the animal enclosures and behind a house. No safe follow-up shot could be taken. The dogs then turned and ran back to the north, through the animal enclosures and exited the area," the report continues.

One dog was found dead about 50 yards north of the animal enclosure. The second dog was found at the home of its owner, Spencer Maynard, 3324 Mill Road. It had been shot in the leg and Maynard took it to Ridge Animal Hospital to be destroyed.

While patrol was at the Maynard residence, it was informed that the fourth alpaca died.

A representative of the alpaca farm told patrol that "this has been a reoccurring incident with these two dogs. However, this is the first time that they managed to kill any animals."

He told patrol that the total value of the alpacas was $2,800 based on their asking price, as they were all for sale. He said that the four dead animals were "Muffins Awesome," a male valued at $800; "P Muffins Ezra," a male valued at $800; "Miss Carla's Morris," a male valued at $400; and "Megan's Muffin," a female valued at $800.

The Town of Hartland Supervisor contacted Patrol and requested a copy of the report. The investigation is continuing and charges are pending, according to NCSO.

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