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Friday, October 24, 2014
Goose Gray holds up a sign protesting the fence blocking off the parking lot at the corner of Locust and Walnut streets. (HEATHER N. GRIMMER / ENP PHOTOGRAPHER)


Goose Gray sits at the corner of Locust Street and Frontier Place this afternoon protesting the current condition of the former city parking lot between Frontier Place and Walnut Street.

The lot, owned by Lockport developer David Ulrich, is closed for repairs, he told East Niagara Post in August. Pocked with holes, it had become a liability, he said, adding that until he can get it repaired, he will keep it fenced off to ensure no one gets injured. He wasn't sure when that might be.

But Sub Delicious' Kim Milani said the lot being closed is hurting her business. Although there is some other parking nearby, it fills up quickly — especially with the corner lot being closed off.

Gray said he's protesting on Milani's — and Sub Delicious' — behalf. He said it will not be a one-day protest. He'll be back again, although he isn't sure when.

Asked for comment this afternoon, Ulrich said no one from Sub Delicious has called him about the lot. And as for Goose Gray's protest, Ulrich said, "I wish him well."

NOTE: Story edited at 3:38 p.m. to add comments from David Ulrich.

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  1. Come on David, do it for the community. You did so much for the community when I worked for you.

  2. You never mess with the "Old Grey Goose"!!!

  3. The one, the only, graaaaay goose!

  4. God bless Goose! You made my childhood magical!!!!

  5. With the lot being closed I personally feel for the people its ACTUALLY hurting, 77 Main St. (The Towers) residents. The people that live there are either elderly or disabled in some way. They now have to park behind the library, 2 blocks away! I wouldnt want my mother or grandmother, father or uncle ect, walking in the dark 2 blocks just to get to their car. I have seen the notes on peoples car to be removed. Its ridiculous. What use is that lot to Mr Ulrich? What about the peolle going to ge their hair done at JP Madisons? Or someone wanting to stop in at the jewelery store? Why is it that the city gave it to him for less than what the highest bid? Isnt the city something like bankrupt?
    It seems like its a childs game of it mine and I dont want you to play with it! I dont know, I am a nobody, but with everything that I do know about the dealing of Ulrich development and the city of lockport, sure does raise some red flags for me!!!

  6. Maybe Mr Ulrich, you can use some of the money you are grossly overcharging the Niagara County taxpayers, for the storage of voting machines, to pay for the lot to be fixed, then take the fence down. How much money does one many need? Take care of those around you...Karma my good man...Karma!


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