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Friday, September 19, 2014

Without exaggerating, I get about 150 emails a day. I swear that half of them are from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

You'll notice that the governor gets his share of face time here on East Niagara Post. It's because he's so prolific in sending emails to us. Seriously, I average about eight to 10 emails from his office each and every day — including Sundays.

Sometimes the email from the governor's office are legitimately newsworthy — like the one I got the other day about the increase in unemployment payouts. Usually, they're designed to remind me (and to have me remind you) that he's the governor.

I'm not joking when I say that as I typed the first three paragraphs of this column, I got two more. The most recent one had a subject line saying: "Satellite refeed information for Governor Cuomo's media availability following security and preparedness meeting." Except it was in all caps. I swear to God, I got an email screaming at me about a video refeed from a meeting.

But back on track ... the purpose of the emails is to get his name out as much as possible. And tie him to everything good in the world. Like the one from this afternoon announcing that 10 primetime TV shows that were filmed in New York are premiering this week ... which is actually pretty cool. But the text of the press releases almost make it sound like Cuomo invented television; wrote, directed and starred in all the shows.

Some snippets:
Thanks to the continued support of Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature ...
— CBS Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves
Thanks to the New York State tax credits and the strong support of Governor Cuomo ...
— Disney Media Networks Co-Chairman and Disney/ABC Television Group President Anne Sweeney

Now, I'm sure that the recent tax credits offered to entice movie and television productions in New York have helped a lot. But enough, already, Andy.

And why does the governor's name need to be on every sign put up in the state?
  • Welcome to New York, Andrew Cuomo, governor
  • This project funded by New York State, Andrew Cuomo, governor
  • President Washington ate here once ... and so did Andrew Cuomo, governor
  • Speed limit 65 — thus sayeth the grand and wise Andrew Cuomo, governor
I have an issue with people who try to sell themselves too hard. To me it's a turn off. Also, don't exaggerate or I'll assume that everything you tell me is not quite honest .

So please, Andy ... I get it. Everyone gets it. You're governor. Now give it a rest.

Scott Leffler is news editor of East Niagara Post and sick of getting emails from Andy Cuomo ... and dating sites. But the worst are from Andy Cuomo from dating sites*. Those are just creepy.

*this never really happened. 

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